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Back from tonight's taping! Kaley didn't have much do to; she was only in one scene taped live, plus the tag which was pre-taped.

No work tomorrow, so I'll have the full report up sometime later tonight.

Here it is!

But first, since I've noticed that a few different sites are posting my taping reports... I would prefer that you not post the entire report on other sites, and instead just link to this thread. Thank you.

Penny's apartment was actually taken down, and there was a swing set in it's place instead. I wonder if they just really needed the extra space this week, or if that means that we won't be seeing her apartment for a while.

Kaley had a cute entrance as the cast is introduced at the start of the show... As her name was called, Johnny pushed her out on a tall rolling chair, and she was waving her foot with the cast. (And then Johnny ran back backstage so he could come out for his entrance after Jim's.) And then when they all went backstage, Kaley hopped along on one foot, and Johnny held her arm to keep her steady. (Simon pushed the empty chair back.)

As previously reported, the episode is called The Apology Insufficiency, and features Eliza Dushku. It also included Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, playing himself.

Scene 1 - Cafeteria

Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard are at a table. Scene starts with Raj saying something like, “You’re joking!” and Leonard says no, he thinks he’s figured out what his problem with women is. (On one take, after Raj’s line, Johnny just burst out laughing for some reason.)

Sheldon cuts in and says that the (name of animal) is the largest (type of animal) in the world (I’m completely blanking on what the specifics were). Leonard asks what that has to do with him and women. Sheldon says nothing, he was just hoping to change the subject. (On the second take, Johnny forgot to say his line here, and just turned back to Raj. The director cut, and then after a few seconds we heard Johnny say “Yeah,” all drawn out, as he realized he skipped those lines.)

Leonard tells Raj that his problem is he hasn’t been confident. So the next time he meets an attractive woman, instead of backing off and withdrawing, he’s going to put on the mantel of self-assurance. Raj asks him what that looks like. Leonard whips off his glasses and shakes his head (sort of like he’s tossing his hair, even though it doesn’t move much), and says, in a lower voice, something like, “Hi. I’m Leonard. You’re beautiful. You snap, sparkle, and shine electricity. I’m going to pick you up tonight at 8, and give you a night you won’t forget.”

Raj smiles and asks, where are we going? And then he catches himself, and shakes his head. Howard comes up and joins them, saying that he was just chosen to be a part of some new Department of Defense project.

On the first take, Sheldon says that while it’s an improvement over the current topic of conversation, it’s still not as interesting as the (same animal) that’s as large as a baby hippo. On the second take, Sheldon just quickly states the fact about the animal, and then says that if they’re going to change the topic, he had dibs.

The guys just ignore him, and congratulate Howard. He tells them that they need to do a background check, so the FBI might be contacting them to ask some questions. Raj immediately protests, and says he can’t talk to the FBI - he’s brown and talks funny. Howard tells him it’ll be fine, and he’s there legally, but Raj says it doesn’t matter, they’ll find a reason to send him back to India. And he can’t remember the last time he went through airport security and didn’t have a colonoscopy.

Sheldon says that he tries hard to make their lunch conversations educational, but they just won’t cooperate. Leonard says fine, tell us about the (animal). But Sheldon says no, it’s too late, they’ve squandered their time with him, and gets up to leave. On the first take, he tells them that they must live with their regret. On the second take, as he leaves he tells them, “Feel the burn.” On the last take, he says that they can continue eating their meals, just as the (animal) eats it’s own excrement.

Scene 2 - Raj’s apartment

Raj is on his couch, reading New Moon. He says, “Oh Bella, Edward is only pushing you away because he loves you.” There’s a knock at the door, so Raj yells that he’s coming, and sets the book down and goes to answer it. (On the second take one of Kunal’s feet got caught up on the couch, and he had to stop and do it over.)

He answers the door, and it’s the FBI agent, Angela (played by Eliza Dushku). On the first take, there was a lot of audience applause and cheering at her entrance. And then before they did it again, Bill Prady came over and asked us not to do that again, to keep to the show’s reality.

So Angela introduces herself, and says she’s there to ask him some questions about Howard. Raj nods, and steps aside to let her in. She asks how long he’s known Howard, and he points to the couch, offering her a seat. She sits and says thank you, then asks him the question again. He motions for her to wait, then runs to the kitchen and tries to drink from a bottle of wine, but it’s empty. Then he goes to the fridge, pulls out a cake and takes a bite, and takes it back with him to the couch.

He offers it to her, asking if she’d like any rum cake, but she declines. He says that he’s known Howard for about 7 years. Then he spots New Moon on the table, and quickly hides it under the couch. He tells her that he’s in the country legally, and she smiles and nods and says she’s sure he is.

She asks if Howard has ever committed a crime. He says no, and tells her that with his (Raj’s) visa he’s not supposed to have any connection to criminal activity, so he doesn’t. She asks if Howard has any foreign contacts, and Raj says no, only him.

Then he gets worried, realizing what he’s said, and says something like “here comes the cavity probing.” He tells her he doesn’t want to go back to India, because there are so many people there, it’s like a never ending Comic Con, except everyone’s wearing the same costume - Indian guy. And he stands up, telling her that from California to New York, he’s a real Yankee Doodle boy. Then he starts to sing enthusiastically, “My country tis of thee, la la la… liberty!, you are so great” (that last part’s not right, but it’s something to the same effect).

Scene 3 - Leonard’s lab

Leonard’s cleaning off a chair for Angela to sit on, and says that when Howard told him the FBI was coming, he was expecting Mulder, but he’s glad he got Scully. She’s confused, and asks, who? He says, “You know, from the X-Files, the truth is out there… never mind.”

She sits down, and asks, so you work with Howard? Leonard says yes, but in different departments, Howard’s an engineer, and he’s a theoretical physicist… you know, he looks at the pieces of the universe, and says (and then here he whips off his glasses and shakes his head like he did in the opening scene), “I see what you did there. Nicely done.” He’s sort of leaning over on a counter as he says this, and then sticks the end of one of the glasses earpieces in his mouth.

Angela doesn’t really react, and asks if Leonard would say he has a good relationship with Howard. Leonard, still trying to act confident, says yes, all of his relationships are good, because he exudes confidence, and people are attracted to that. The confidence, he clarifies, not the exuding. She asks if Howard is a part of any groups, but instead of answering Leonard says, “You’re beautiful. You snap, sparkle, and shine electricity. I’m going to pick you up tonight at 8, and give you a night you won’t forget.”

She smiles a little and says okay, and Leonard’s surprised, and asks, really? She says sure, and asks if her six-foot-two Navy Seal husband can come, and holds up her left hand to show her wedding ring. Leonard squints, then steps closer and holds his glasses up to his face, then backs up and says that he hadn’t seen her ring with his glasses off. Then he starts to pull at the front of his shirt, and says now he’s excuding.

Scene 4 - Guy’s apartment

Sheldon’s at his desk on his computer, Leonard’s fixing some drink in the kitchen. There’s a knock at the door, and Leonard asks, “Do you wanna get that?” Sheldon says not particularly. Leonard modifies his question and asks, “Could you get that?” Sheldon says he could, if someone were to ask him. Annoyed, Leonard asks, “Will you get the door?” Sheldon immediately says of course, and goes to answer it.

It’s Angela, and as soon as she introduces herself, Leonard runs from the kitchen to hide in his room. Sheldon is skeptical that she’s really with the FBI, and she shows him her badge. He pulls out his Justice League of America membership card to show her, and says that it doesn’t prove he knows Batman. She says that she’s just there to ask some questions about Howard, and Sheldon lets her in, saying he doubts anyone would risk the punishment of impersonating and FBI agent on a minor-league engineer with an unresolved Oedipal complex.

She sits down, and Sheldon says that he’s always admired the FBI and it’s motto, which is… and he trails off. She answers, fidelity, bravery, and integrity. Sheldon says correct, and sits down, and says they can get to business. He tells her that 18 years ago he had sent the FBI a bag of excrement that someone had left on his porch and set on fire for fingerprint and DNA testing, and asks why he hasn’t heard anything back. She tells him that the crime investigation is busy with a lot of things, and he says that’s no comfort the America who is scraping burned excrement off of their shoes.

She asks if he’d mind if they change the topic to Howard. He says he does a little, but okay. She asks if he considers Howard a responsible person. Sheldon says that he’ll provide a visual for his answer, and then goes to get his 9 disc Lord of the Rings blu-ray set. He tells her that Howard had borrowed it, and broke the plastic on the third compartment (and opens it to show how the disc falls out), and then returned it to him without saying anything, hoping he wouldn’t notice. She doesn’t consider this a big deal, and Sheldon asks if she heard him say that it was blu-ray.

She says that that’s not really what she’s looking for, and asks if there’s anything else. Sheldon says of course, where should he start? He lists Howard’s refusal to pay overdue book fines when he borrows them form Sheldon, how he got the Mars Rover stuck in a ditch as he attempted to impress a girl, and how he told Sheldon to go see the third Matrix movie, saying “It was a good as the first one.”

Angela says, the Mars Rover? Sheldon pauses, realizing what he’s revealed, and says that’s not a good example, because it had nothing to do with him. She says still, she’d like to talk about it, but he says he doesn’t. And then he adds that his aversion to the topic has nothing to do with Howard damaging millions of dollars worth of government property.

Angela says that she has enough, and gets up to leave. Sheldon walks him to the door, and says oh good, he was afraid she was going to fixate on the whole Mars Rover thing.

Scene 5 - Cafeteria

Leonard, Raj, and Sheldon are at a table. Raj says that he auto-tuned Sheldon complaining about the chicken pies, then holds up his cell phone and plays the song he made with it. Leonard’s amused, and then Sheldon starts to explain what it is about the pies that he dislikes. Leonard just looks at Raj, who holds up his phone again, and plays a song with Sheldon saying the same thing.

Howard walks up to the table and tells them that he didn’t get the job, so something must have gone wrong in the background checks. The guys look ashamed. Raj says that he got drunk on the rum cake, and Leonard says that he hit on her, then Raj adds that he threw up. Howard’s mad at them and walks away. Leonard says that if anyone, he would have expected that Sheldon would have been the one to mess things up. Sheldon laughs a little, and says something about how their assumptions were wrong.

Scene 6 - Sheldon’s room (pre-taped)

Sheldon’s in bed, eyes closed, saying someone thing a foreign language. Then he opens his eyes, and says something about how not even counting sheep in whatever the language was was helping him sleep. He gets up and goes to the kitchen, and Leonard’s up on his computer.

Leonard asks why he’s up, and Sheldon says that sleep was alluding him. Leonard jokes and asks if sleep has met him. I can’t remember if Sheldon said anything or just glares, but Leonard asks him what’s wrong. Sheldon says he can’t figure out why he can’t sleep, he’s no longer puzzling over some problem that had to do with a black hole, and it’s been weeks since his accidental sip of Red Bull. Then he says that he did accidentally tell Angela about the Mars Rover, but he doesn’t see why that should be keeping him from sleeping.

Leonard tells him that he’s feeling guilty about it. Sheldon wonders if that’s what’s causing the insomnia, and Leonard says that Sheldon is asleep, and this was a dream. Sheldon asks if he has any evidence, and Leonard says there’s a (creature name) on the couch. Sheldon looks up and sees it, and says that that’s clear enough.

Then cut back to Sheldon in his bed, who’s muttering in his sleep about how the creature’s in his spot.

Scene 8 - Angela’s office

Sheldon enters and thanks her for meeting with him. She says thanks for filing a complaint to her boss. He says that he’d like to retract his statement about Howard. She asks if it was true, an he says it was, and she says in that case, he can’t retract it. He argues that she never said no take-backsies.

But if he can’t take it back, he says he has something that he’d like to add, which will tip the scales back in Howard’s favor. And he starts reading from a list, where for Howard’s full name he has a positive tribute - H is for honest… and he gets to A before she cuts him off, saying that the case is closed, and there’s nothing he can do.

Sheldon says fine, but he thinks there are more important matters that the FBI should be dealing with. For example, when he first met Leonard, he was about to reveal secret rocket fuel information to a North Korean spy… Angela asks, Leonard Hoffstader? Sheldon says no, different Leonard, Chinese, red hair, six fingers, and then runs out.

Scene 9 - Caltech

(This first part was pre-taped) Raj is talking to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson in a hallway. Sheldon comes up and asks if he’s seen Howard. Raj says he thinks he was eating lunch, and introduces him to Dr. Tyson, who’s there from New York - and Sheldon cuts him off, saying he knows who was, he was responsible for Pluto no loner being a planet, and he liked Pluto. Dr. Tyson says technically he wasn’t responsible, it was a board that voted on it. Sheldon says something like, it if all ifs and buts were candies and nuts, they’d all have a wonderful Christmas, and then walks away.

(Live from here…) Sheldon walks up to Howard, who’s eating by himself, and tells him that he was responsible for him not getting the job, but before he gets mad, Sheldon wants him to know that he went to the FBI to retract his statement. Howard asks, surprised, they let you do that? Sheldon says no, if anything he made it worse.

Sheldon wants Howard to accept his apology, and give him a high-five, but Howard says no, apology not accepted. He says that Sheldon’s set his career back by two years, and walks away. Dr. Tyson then comes up behind Sheldon, and says he’d like to apologize for the whole Pluto thing, but Sheldon says, “Oh, shut up,” and walks away.

Scene 10 - Cheesecake Factory

Penny’s working at the bar, and is surprised when she turns around to see Sheldon sitting there. He tells her that he has troubles, and is there to talk to the local barkeep. She tells him that the Olive Garden has a great bar, but he says he doesn’t like the Olive Garden, they treat him like family.

She asks him what he’ll have, and he says alcohol. She says he needs to be more specific, so he says ethyl alcohol, 4 milliliters. Penny says she’s not familiar with milliliters. Sheldon says to blame president Carter (?), who started to move the US towards the metric system, but didn’t follow through with it. Penny pours a shot and asks if that looks like about 4 milliliters, Sheldon says it does, and she drinks it.

Sheldon pulls out an app on his phone that has different drinks and starts to go through it (saying something like, thanks to the technology-savvy alcoholics, there’s an app for that), and finds one he wants to try. Penny hasn’t heard of it, though. He starts to read off the ingredients and directions, and Penny just pours him a shot, and says there it is. Sheldon says it doesn’t look like the picture, and Penny tells him that all bartenders make it differently. So he picks it up, says “to the metric system,” and drinks it. But then he makes a face, and spits it back into the shot glass. He says that he couldn’t taste the cherries.

On one take as she was trying to pour the shot, Kaley knocked the glasses over, and Jim exclaimed that it got all over his shirt. The screens cut out, but we heard Kaley say something about how she was really had at this, and she hadn’t been there for a few weeks, and Jim immediately said that she wasn’t any better before.

Penny asks him what’s wrong, and he tells her about how Howard isn’t accepting his apology. Penny says yeah, Leonard told her about that. Sheldon says that Penny faces lots of failures, and asks how she deals with them. She says that she drinks. So Sheldon says “to alcohol” and tries to drink it again, but then shakes his head and spits it out again.

Penny says that there are some things you just can’t control or change, like how some girl hated her since the 11th grade, because no matter what you do, you can’t un-dry-hump someone’s boyfriend. Sheldon realizes that some things you can’t win, like the Starfleet Academy flight simulator. Penny agrees. Sheldon then argues that Kirk beat the simulator. Penny says Kirk cheated. Sheldon’s says he’s impressed, and he’s surprised that he’s having this conversation with her. Penny says she’s surprised too, and then I think she took another shot.

Sheldon says that Kirk beat it by reprogramming the system, and so he needs to reprogram Howard. Penny says you can’t reprogram someone. Sheldon says, no, you can’t reprogram someone. Then he picks up the shot again, says “To captain Kirk,” and drinks it and walks away. But he only gets a few steps before he comes back to spit it out again.

Scene 11 - Cafeteria

Leonard, Raj, and Howard are eating at a table. Sheldon comes up and says to Howard, while nodding his head up and down, “you are feeling better towards me.” Howard says, no he’s not. Sheldon, again while nodding, says yes you are. Howard again says no. Sheldon says well there’s one 9.95 e-book gone to waste. Then he hands Howard a large bag.

Howard says that gifts aren’t going to help him forgive Sheldon. Sheldon says that he wants him to have it anyway. So Howard pulls out a cushion from the couch, and asks, a cushion? Sheldon says no, it’s symbolic of his spot, he’s giving it to him. Howard’s actually touched, and says, but you love that spot. Sheldon says no, he loves his mother, his feelings for the spot are much stronger; it’s the point around which his universe revolves, but now it’s Howard’s.

Raj is tearing up, an says dude, you have to forgive him now. Howard does give in and accepts Sheldon’s apology, and Sheldon offers a high-five, warning Howard to be gentle. Raj says that he hasn’t cried like this since Toy Story 3, and Sheldon steps to the side to disinfect his hands.

Scene 12 - Guy’s apartment (pre-taped)

All four guys and Penny are there, but Howard’s in Sheldon’s spot. Howard says he understands why Sheldon likes the sport so much, the temperature’s just right, and he can see the television clearly, but still talk to everyone - and Sheldon says that’s it, he wants his spot back.

As Howard and Sheldon switch spots, Penny turns to Leonard, who’s checking his watch, and says, “ninety-six seconds,” and then pulls out some money and hands it to Penny.
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