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I found this article from It is taken from the thread " Natalie & Hayden ?" Here it goes ...

Originally Posted by Angap

Re: Natalie and Hayden?
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on the radio earklier this wek they had areport from cannes and interviwed Ian, Nat and Anthony Daniels. the reporter had also talked to hayden but i missed that. She (the interviewer) told Nat that Hayden had told her she was a great kisser, Natalie laughed and replied "He's not such a bad kisser himself".

Then she talked about him and had a lot of very nice things to say. She said he's incredible sweet and kind and that "He is the most untainted person I have ever met".

Anthony Daniels also had alot of nice things to say about hayden, calling him one of the sweetest people he knew.
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