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Here's the report! I haven't really read this through, so I may make a few edits, but I figured I'd post it first in case there's anyone waiting to see it.

Oh! The episode is called "The Robotic Manipulation."

The first two scenes were each only done once, with only one or two small pick-ups, so my memory of them is a little spotty in some areas.

Scene 1 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

The four guys are sitting around the coffee table, Howard with a laptop. He’s using it to control a robotic arm, which is pulling a carton of Chinese food from the paper bag. They cheer when it successfully removes the last food carton (slowly), and Raj comments that it only took them 28 minutes.

Sheldon says that they need to be careful with the robot arm, and someone asks why. He says that now it’s just removing food, but soon it will be traveling through time to capture Sarah Connor. Leonard says that’ll never happen. Sheldon says that people never think these things will happen, and then they do.

Penny then enters, asking if the food’s there yet. She sees the arm and asks what it is, Howard tells her it’s something he built for NASA.

Sheldon tells Penny that one these robots will replace the uneducated food servers like herself. Penny asks, "Really? They'll build a robot that will spit in your hamburger?" Then Sheldon turned to Leonard and said something like, “I thought you two broke up, why is she here?”

Howard tells her to hold out her hand for soy sauce, and starts to type in a long string of commands into the computer. She asks if that’s a common command on the space station, and he says among certain nationalities it is.

They wait a while for Howard to finish typing everything in, and there’s a bit of an awkward silence. Leonard asks Penny a question that I couldn’t quite catch, and I think her answer was something about work being good, but she’s hungry; Raj says that they all are.

And now I’m wondering if I’m remembering that wrong, because Raj wasn’t drunk, and there wasn’t any sort of reaction to him speaking in front of Penny… But it wasn’t Sheldon or Howard that said that, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Leonard either. Hmm.

Anyway, Howard finally finishes, Penny holds out her hand, and the arm drops the soy sauce into her hand. I think she says something about that being amazing, and Sheldon scoffs and says it’s hardly amazing, it’s barely a step up from the mechanics that made the County Bear Jamboree possible.

Howard’s insulted by that, and starts typing a new command into the computer. The hand turns towards Sheldon, and holds up its first two fingers and thumb. Sheldon asks, the peace sign? Howard’s frustrated, and starts to type again.

Between this scene and the next as things were set up, the cast sort of wandered around, Jim had his script he looked at. At one point Johnny went up to Kaley, and was stood close to her and leaned in to talk in her ear. Then they were just talking animatedly for a bit, and smiling and laughing. Whatever happened between them, they sure look like they’re fine now.

Scene 2 - Slightly later

Everyone’s eating their food. The robot arm is now holding napkins, and Leonard takes one. Penny asks Howard if NASA knows that the arm is being used as a napkin holder. Howard says no, they think it’s still locked up in some safe.

On the first take, they just started at him before he continued. On the second, Penny asks, “You stole it?” and Howard said it wasn’t stealing! He says the trick is to carry it to your car like you own it.

Sheldon’s phone beeps, and he picks it up - it’s a text from Amy, and she’s sent him a clever pun. I can’t remember it exactly, but it mentioned a couple chemicals, and then the joke is she uses “ether” as “either.” The group just stares at him, and Sheldon explains it, saying it’s clever.

Penny asks who Amy is, and Leonard says that she’s Sheldon’s girlfriend. Sheldon immediately argues, saying that she’s NOT his girlfriend. Penny’s shocked, and asks when and how this happened, and Leonard says about four months ago. I think Howard explained how they set him up on the online dating site, and they call them “Shamy.” Penny says so in the past four months, in all the times I’ve asked you what’s new, you never once thought to tell me Sheldon has a girlfriend? Sheldon again says she’s not his girlfriend.

Sheldon and Amy have been texting and twittering and whatnot, but never actually spend time together. Penny asks him what they talk about. He says his work, her work, and the possibility of having a child together. Penny was just taking a drink of water as he says this, which she promptly spits/sprays out (I think a lot of it got on Simon? Kaley looked kinda like she was trying not to laugh).

This is a shock to everyone, and Sheldon says that Amy convinced him that with their combined genetics they could create a benign ruler that something… There was too much laughter and I couldn’t hear the rest of what he said. Then Howard said something about historians are going to look back and blame him and Raj, but again I couldn’t really hear what he said cause of the laughter.

Penny says to Sheldon, “You don’t even like people touching you, how are you going to have sex?” Sheldon asks whatever gave her the idea that he was going to have sex. She asks him if his mom ever had the talk with him. He said yes, he’s aware of all of that, but it’s messy, and from what he’s heard from Penny’s across the hall involves much calling out to God, and he has no interest in any of that. Penny then says, “Oh, God,” and Sheldon’s like, see, and Penny gasps and covers her mouth.

Sheldon and Amy’s plan is to make a test tube baby. Then he says to Penny, you’re corn-fed, with wide hips, any chance your room will be available? (Something like that, basically asking in his weird way if she’d be the surrogate.) I think she just started at him in shock, and Leonard starts laughing, and I think he asked Sheldon wasn’t he still with Shamy.

Penny tries telling Sheldon that she needs to get to know Amy better if he’s going to have a baby with her. He’s not really interested, and she reworded it to getting to know the mother of his future offspring genius (or something that like), and he considers and says she has a point.

She tells him dating can be fun, but he says that it didn’t seem like her and Leonard had a lot of fun. Penny says that they’re not the best example, but then Leonard cuts in and says that they had lots of fun together! She just looked at him, and he’s like, “Remember that time we had the blue snow cones, and they turned our mouths blue, wasn’t that crazy?” And then there’s a pause, and he said, “Please take me back.” And then it got all awkward (and I felt SO bad for Leonard!), and then he laughs a little awkwardly, and says, “Bazinga!” And Sheldon tells him that that’s not the correct use of Bazinga.

Scene 3 - Penny’s apartment

Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door. She answers, and says, “You know every time you knock, I’m just waiting on the other side of the door for you to finish.” Sheldon says he does know, he can see the shadow of her feet under the door. She tells him her point is it’s a waste of time. Sheldon says if she’s looking for something that’s a waste of time, their current conversation is a prime example.

On the first take, somewhere in there, Jim said sorry, we have to start over, and something like, "I stepped on the laugh" (couldn't quite understand, maybe meaning he talked before the laughter died down?), but then said, "I was uncomfortable."

She asks what he wants, and he tells her that he’s decided to take her advice and go on a date with Amy. She says great, have fun, and starts to close the door, but he says that he needs her to drive him. Penny asks why Leonard can’t drive him, and Sheldon says that he asked Leonard, but Leonard told him to ask Penny because it was her “cockamamie” idea. Penny asks, Leonard said cockamamie? Sheldon says no, but after growing up in a Christian household, he’s not comfortable with the language Leonard used, so he paraphrased. And he’s not exactly comfortable with cockamamie either.

Penny says fine, and asks when the date is, and Sheldon says it’s right now, and they need to go or they’re going to be late. Penny asks him if it ever occurred to him that she might have plans. Sheldon apologizes, and asks if she does have plans. She makes a face, and says no. Sheldon says something like this is another time wasting conversation then.

So Penny finally gives in, and says she’ll get her cockamamie keys.

Scene 4 - Howard’s room

Howard has brought the robotic arm home, and has programmed it to give him a shoulder massage, which he’s thoroughly enjoying. His mom yells at him that dinner’s ready, and he yells back that he’ll eat later, he’s busy.

He mutters to himself that the it’s just like a real hand, then looks up suddenly as a realization comes to him. He glances sideways at the hand (and on the last take looked down at his lap), then reaches for his laptop.

Scene 5 - Penny’s car

The scenes in Penny’s car were filmed yesterday, but instead of playing them for us on the tvs they said they would “reenact” them for us so we could still follow the story. They set up large black partitions in the background of the hallway area and set four chairs and a steering wheel in the center. But the cameras were still filming them… I think I heard someone say something about they were just recording audio. And these were only done once also.

But anyway, so Sheldon and Penny are in the car. Sheldon says he wishes Penny wasn’t wearing flip flips, they’re not safe for driving, and he doesn’t want a repeat of the flip flop catastrophe (I don’t think catastrophe is the right word, but same meaning).

Penny asks if she can ask him a question. He says that given her community college education, he would recommend that she asks him lots of questions. She asks if this is his first date. He asks if square dancing with his sister at a teens for Jesus Fourth of July celebration counts - she says no. He says yes, then this is his first date.

She tells him then there are some things that he should know. He explains his degrees he's earned, and says that he already knows everything that he should know. Penny says that she knows more about dating, so he should listen to her.

She says that the key to a successful date is listening. Sheldon says that makes no sense, because of both people are focusing on listening, then no one will say anything. And he asks Penny if she’s the expert on dating, then why is he the one with a date, and not her. I think she says something like point taken.

Then after a couple beats (once the scene was done), Kaley spun the wheel hard to the side and made a screeching noise!

Scene 6 - Leonard and Sheldon’s

Leonard and Raj are looking through comic books. Raj said there’s something he’s always wondered about Aqua Man - where does he poop?

Kunal couldn’t keep a straight face on the first take, and ended up laughing. When they reset the cameras, the director (?) told one of the camera man something about going clockwise, and Johnny quipped, “Yeah, because that’s what went wrong.”

They got through it on the second take, but then on the third Johnny cracked a smile, and then Kunal laughed again.

Raj continues by asking about what a toilet looks like there, and how would you flush it, and then where would the poop go? Leonard just stares at Raj, and then his phone rings, so he tells Raj to hold that thought.

It’s Howard on the phone, and Leonard tells him to slow down, and then asks, “You got the arm stuck on your what?” And then makes a face as he listens, then comments to Raj, “You’re not going to believe this.”

When they finally got through the scene Johnny stood up and have Kunal a hug before they left the set.

Scene 7 - Penny’s car

Amy has now joined the group, and is sitting in the back. She comments on how Penny’s check engine light is on, which Penny shrugs off. Amy starts to go into an explanation of what that implies, but Sheldon cuts her off, effectively telling her it’s pointless.

Penny says to Amy that she’s wearing a nice scent, and asks what it is. Amy says that it’s dandruff shampoo. Penny says oh, well you’re hair looks nice. Amy asks, “Are you a homosexual?” Penny says no, she was just giving her a compliment. Amy says it would have meant more if Penny was a homosexual.

Penny says to Amy, so Sheldon says you’re a neuro something or another? Amy says she’s a neurobiologist (I think?). I can’t remember what the rest of that failed attempt at conversation was, though.

Penny reaches to turn the radio on, but both Sheldon and Amy tell her not to. Penny says ok, awkward silence then.

She asks Sheldon if he’s told Amy about growing up in Texas, he says he hasn’t. She tells him he should, so he turns back and tells her it was hell. Penny asks Amy if she has anything to say in response, and Amy things for a second before saying no. Penny then goes into a description of growing up in a small town outside of Omaha, where it was mostly family farms. Sheldon asks what that has to do with anything, and Penny says nothing, but she thought she’d try something new. Sheldon rolls his eyes and turns to Amy and says, “Muggles.” (Which I thought was extra funny, not just cause I'm HP obsessed, but I was actually wearing a t-shirt that says "Muggle" on it.)

Then Kaley (I don’t think this was part of the scene) said, “Speedbump!” And the three of them jumped up from their seats.

Scene 8 - Howard’s room

Raj and Leonard are looking at Howard, confused. Howard’s sitting on his bed, a blanket covering his lap, the robot arm next to him and going under the blanket. Raj said, “I don’t understand.” Howard says what’s there to understand, he tripped and fell. Raj says skeptically, into the robot hand? With your fly down?

Leonard says that he’d suggest lubricant, but he bets that Howard fell into that too. Howard just tells them to help him get it off.

Raj said that in Winnie the Pooh when Pooh got stuck in the honey tree, everyone else grabbed on and pulled until he was free. Leonard says to Raj, “You can do whatever you want, but I’m not touching another guy’s honey tree.”

Leonard reaches for the laptop, but Howard tells him not to touch it. The program is paused. Leonard asks why don’t they just un-pause it. Howard says that he put in the wrong command, and the robot hand thinks it’s holding a screwdriver, and when it turns on it’ll start twisting.

Raj suggests a metal saw (saw’s the wrong word, but I’m too tired to think of the right word now), and Howard says no (on the last take adding that one circumcision is enough). Leonard then I think suggests a torch, but Howard says he thought this would go without saying, but no saws, no torches.

Howard’s mom yells up that she has cookies and Hawaiian punch that she’s going to bring up for him and his friends. Howard yells back for her to not come up. She asks what, are you ashamed of your mother? He says yes he is, but that’s beside the point!

First I think Howard told the guys that they can’t let his mom come in, but Raj said that he wants cookies and punch. Then it was changed to Howard asking them for help again, but Raj said all he could think about was the cookies and punch.

Scene 9 - Restaurant

Sheldon and Amy are sitting at a table across from each other, Penny on one of the sides between them. Awkward silence.

Penny says, hey, here’s another possible conversation, tonight is a big night for Sheldon. He says no it’s not, the Winter Solstice is a big night, and it lasts 14 hours in California. Amy says that that’s am amusing factoid.

Penny says no, this is Sheldon’s first real date. Amy asks if that’s true, and Sheldon says yes, apparently semi-incestuous square dancing at teens for Jesus doesn’t count. Penny asks Amy if she goes on many dates, and Amy says once a year due to a deal with her mother - her mother stops bugging her about it, and Amy also gets occasional use of her George Forman grill.

Amy asks Penny if she goes on a lot of dates, and Penny says she wouldn’t say a lot, but a few. Sheldon does his weird laugh, and smiles. Penny asks “What’s so [imitates his laugh]?” and he says it’s her use of a few to represent 171 men (not necessarily the exact numbers, but close to what was said). Penny asks where in the world he came up with that number from?

Sheldon says that in the years she’s lived next to them, when she was single he saw her with 17 men, and then adjusting for those he didn’t see, and calculating backwards from when she started dating at 15... And Penny objects and says she did not start dating at 15! He says sorry, 16 then? And she says no, 14, sort of quietly. So Sheldon adjusts, and says that she’s dated approximately 193 men.

Amy’s impressed, and asks Penny if she’s had sexual intercourse with all of them. Penny says no! But then Sheldon says that that number would be easy to calculate as well. Penny tries to stop the conversation, but Sheldon and Amy are both interested now. Sheldon says given the number of strange men he’s seen leaving Penny’s in the morning, and the times she’s come home in the morning wearing the same clothes, and subtracting some number of years before she’d lost her virginity… He comes up with 31 men.

Penny says that’s no where near the real number, and then turns to a waiter and asks for a drink. Amy’s fascinated, and says something about social conventions, and asks Penny if she considers herself a **** (again, not 100% sure of the exact word, but same connotation). Penny immediately says no, but then seems to think about it for a moment, and protests again that she’s not, but much more weakly.

Sheldon asks Amy how many times she’s had sexual intercourse. Amy asks if volunteering for an experiment where one is mentally stimulated to orgasm counts. Sheldon says it does. Amy says 131 times. Sheldon just nods, and they continue eating, while Penny’s shocked, and looking around like, did she really just say that? (Hilarious expressions by Kaley, by the way.)

Scene 10 - Hospital

The guys enter the hospital waiting room, Leonard carrying the laptop, Raj rolling the robotic arm, Howard with a blanket wrapped around his waist. The nurse (same one from episodes before) asks what happened, and Howard tries to tell her that he slipped and fell into the arm. She asks him where the rest of the robot is, and he says he only built the arm. She says right, cause you only needed the arm.

She gets on the intercom to page for a wheelchair for a guy who has a robot grabbing his penis - Howard asks couldn’t she have been more discreet? She says sorry, they don’t have a code for that.

She asks about the laptop that Leonard’s holding, and Howard tells her not to touch it, that the program’s frozen. She asks if they tried turning it off and back on again. Then she touches something, and the arm makes a whirring sound and then pulls away. Howard peeks under the blanket, and says something like, “Winnie the Pooh is free from the honey tree.”

Scene 11 - Hallway

Sheldon and Penny are climbing the stairs. Sheldon tells her that he’s glad he went on the date with Amy, he saw a whole new side to her, and now they can proceed in their relationship. Penny asks what that next step would be, and he says the baby. She asks if he’s still on about that, and he says with all the trouble the world’s going through, don’t you think it deserves a gift?

Penny says fine, she’s going to get him to stop by telling his mother. He says go right ahead, his mother has always wanted a grandchild. Penny says, oh really, your evangelical Christian mother is going to be happy with you having a test tube baby out of wedlock? Sheldon stares at her, and then says, “Curses,” and turns to open his apartment.

Penny walks over to her apartment, and says she could have avoided this whole evening if only she’d said that to start with. Sheldon tells her that it’s still early, she still has plenty of time to go out and find number 32.

Sheldon enters to find Leonard talking on the phone to Howard. Sheldon informs Leonard that he’s no longer planning on having a child, and then leaves to go to his room. Leonard sort of shrugs him off, then says to Howard something like, “It happened again?” And sighs as he starts to walk towards the door.

After the taping I got Johnny, Kunal, Bill, and Chuck to sign my TV Guide magazine with the cast on the cover. Johnny only signed for a few people, so I was lucky to get him. Simon also stayed out to sign, but I missed him.
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