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Originally Posted by Melika (View Post)
An opinion is just that, an opinion, it doesn't make you correct or wrong about a topic, and in this case, there is no right or wrong.
That's a nonsensical piece of ideology. It's convenient for you to believe that stuff is true.

People like to tell themselves opinions can't be right or wrong, because then none of their opinions can be mistaken, which allows them to pretend all their opinions are correct as long as they don't actually admit to themselves that's what they're doing. But very obviously, opinions can be right or wrong. Somebody convinced that the world is flat or that 2 and 2 equals 15 has a mistaken opinion. Somebody who thinks 2 and 2 equals 4 or that the world is round has a correct opinion. And people can be right or wrong about acting, just as they can be right or wrong about other things. It's not all subjective. There's the matter of developing an insight into what an actor's doing. Into the the deeper levels of a performance and what the actor has made their character into. McKellan's performance makes his Gandalf something far too different from what the book's Gandalf was, something inferior to the book's Gandalf. The movies were very well made, but very poorly cast. Aragorn is another character utterly played wrong -Aragorn isn't supposed to be this chill, dour, melancholy character. And Eowen is played as a total wimp.
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