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Here it is! The episode is called, “The Elevator Implementation.” Basically it’s Leonard telling Penny how he ended up rooming with Sheldon. All of the present scenes with Leonard and Penny that took place in Penny’s apartment were pre-taped.

Scene 1

Penny’s in her apartment, painting her toenails, and she makes a comment about how she hopes the nail polish will hide the fact that she has her dad’s feet. From off-screen we hear Leonard and Sheldon arguing about the temperature in their apartment. Leonard wants to turn it up a couple degrees, but Sheldon says that goes against their roommate agreement. Leonard tells him he can go to hell, and adjust the thermostat there. Sheldon says with the temperate at XX degrees (whatever the number was), he’s already in hell!

So Penny’s just listening to that, amused, and Leonard knocks on her door, and comes in and asks if he can sleep on her couch that night. She says he can try, but the guys across the hall are being really loud, and yelling at each other. The conversation turns to Penny wondering how they ended up as roommates, anyway. Leonard says as bad as Sheldon is now, he was actually worse 7 years ago. Penny doesn’t believe him, and Leonard says she’s naïve, just like he was.

Flashback to Leonard entering the apartment lobby. His hair’s longer, and curly (kinda like his hair as David on Roseanne, but not quite as wild), and he’s wearing a sweater vest with a single zip-up jacket over it. The elevator opens, and a guy steps out, carrying a cardboard box of stuff. His name’s Sebastian, but I don’t think that was ever actually said in the episode.

Leonard asks him where he can find Sheldon Cooper. The guy says, oh, you’re probably here to see about the apartment for rent. Leonard agrees, and the guy tells him to run, run fast and run far.

Scene 2

Penny and Leonard again. Penny asks why Leonard still went to meet Sheldon, and Leonard said that for all he knew, the guy who was leaving was the crazy one. These scenes started with Penny doing her nails, but then switched to Leonard doing her nails, and then Penny doing his nails! Since we only saw them all once, I can’t remember exactly when those transitions take place, but they’re great!

Flashback to Leonard stepping out of the apartment, on the fourth floor. He goes to 4B and knocks on the door, and a tall, muscular, black guy, wearing a long elegant dress answers - Louie! Leonard asks if he’s Sheldon Cooper. Louie says no, you want the crazy guy across the hall.

Oh, between takes at one point we could see “Louie” totally dancing to the music the DJ was playing for some of the audience members that were dancing, pretty funny.

As Leonard crosses the hall, there’s a voiceover of Leonard saying, “That should have been my second clue.” So he knocks on the door, and Sheldon answers, looking as he normally does. But he’s much more awkward, keeping his head down. Leonard introduces himself, and says they spoke on the phone, and starts to say that Sheldon had said - but Sheldon cuts him off. Sheldon says he knows what he said, he knows what Leonard said, he knows what his mom said on March 27th (or whatever the date was).

Sheldon then asks Leonard what the sixth noble gas is. Leonard names the gas, but phrases it like a question. Sheldon asks if that was his answer, or if he’s asking him. Leonard says, “My answer?” again as a question, but then realizes his mistake, and firmly says “My answer.” Then Sheldon asks Picard or Kirk. Leonard says original series over Next Generation, but Picard over Kirk. Sheldon says that is correct, and opens the door to let Leonard in, saying he has passed the first barrier.

Leonard walks in, looks around, and says “nice place.” Compared to how it normally looks, the apartment’s almost completely bare. No superhero figures or anything, anywhere. The bookshelves are in the back, but not as full as they usually are. Only one box of cereal on top of the fridge. About three or four whiteboards scattered through the room. And no couch or easy chair - only two folding lawn chairs!

Leonard asks if the bedrooms are down the hall, and Sheldon says that depends. Leonard asks if the bedrooms have a conditional existence. Sheldon says no, but whether or not Leonard sees their existence depends on if he can pass the second and third barriers.

Leonard tries to sit on the first lawn chair (looking at the two from the audience, it’s on the left, about where Sheldon’s spot on the couch is), but Sheldon says that that’s his spot. He ends up giving his explanation, mentioning the heat and cross breeze, but then says that it directly faces the television, so he can watch TV or play games without having the distraction of conversation. So that’s his spot, and he’s called eternal dibs. Leonard asks if he can do that. On the first take, Sheldon said something that I can’t remember, but Leonard basically nodded like he agreed. On the second take, Sheldon said something in Latin, then said, “That’s Latin for ‘my chair, my rules.’”

Sheldon then starts asking Leonard more questions. Leonard tells him he’s an experimental physicist, and Sheldon makes a face as he marks something on his clipboard. He asks of Leonard will be going into the university every day, if he has his own car, and if he can give Sheldon a ride. Leonard asks doesn’t he drive? Sheldon says yes, then twitches a little, and says he just chooses not to. Leonard says sure then, he can give him a ride. Sheldon stands up, and heads to the hallway, and Leonard asks if he can see the bedrooms now, and Sheldon says don’t get cocky, he still has to pass the third barrier.

So they walk up to the bathroom, and Sheldon asks Leonard if his bowel movements are regular. Leonard says “I guess,” and Sheldon says that this won’t work if Leonard’s only guessing. Sheldon asks when he goes to the bathroom, and Leonard says whenever he needs to, and Sheldon says sorry, but he refuses to live with a hippie. Leonard thinks about it, and says about 8:00 in the morning. Sheldon can’t give him 8, but he can give him 7:30, and Leonard says he’ll take it. With that, Sheldon says he’s passed the final barrier, and can see his room.

Leonard walks up to Sheldon’s door, and asks if that’s it, but Sheldon says no, that’s his room, and people aren’t allowed in his room. Leonard smiles and asks then where does Sheldon sleep? Sheldon just looks at him, and says he doesn’t understand. Leonard explains that Sheldon said people don’t go in his room, and Sheldon is people, he thinks… and it was a joke! Sheldon asks if he makes jokes often. Leonard shrugs and says sometimes. Sheldon makes another face and marks his clipboard.

They go to the end of the hall, and open up Leonard’s room. He walks in, and “Die, Sheldon, Die” is on the wall, in bright red paint. Sheldon tells Leonard he may want to repaint.

Scene 3

Back to Penny and Leonard, and Leonard tells her that next was the roommate agreement. Penny asks why after all of that, he still decided to live with Sheldon. Leonard says that after passing the three barriers, he wanted to go the whole way. Penny also mentions that Leonard said the elevator had been working, when did it break? And Leonard says that’s part of the story.

Flashback to Sheldon and Leonard going through the agreement. Sheldon says that Friday nights shall be designated for watching Firefly. Leonard asks if that really needs to go into the agreement. Sheldon tells him that it will be on for years, they might as well sort this out now. So Leonard initials, and that completes the Movies/TV Shows section.

Next, Section 9, Miscellany. Their apartment flag is a gold lion on a blue field. Leonard asks, surprised, that they have an apartment flag? Sheldon picks up a small one and hands it to him, telling him not to fly it upside-down unless the apartment is in distress. Leonard initials. Next, there will be no need to comment on hair cuts or new purchases of clothing. Leonard initials. If either of them invent a time machine, their first stop will be to their roommate agreement meeting, 5 seconds from then. Leonard initials, and then they stop and look around the apartment. Nothing happens, and Sheldon comments that that’s a disappointment.

Scene 4

Leonard and Penny - I think she tells him that she doesn’t really have any sympathy for him, he should have known what he was getting into, or something like that. He says just wait, it gets worse.

Flashback to Leonard in his new room (the red writing now gone), in bed with Joyce Kim! They’re kissing, and then Sheldon knocks on the door. Leonard whispers that don’t say anything, and he’ll eventually go away. But Sheldon keeps knocking, and says he’s not going anywhere.

Leonard finally says, “What do you want?” and Sheldon opens the door and comes in. Leonard says he didn’t say to come in! But Sheldon says he asked what he wanted, and Sheldon wanted to come in. He tells Leonard he’s violating the roommate agreement, that he needed to give 12 hours notice if he was going to have a woman over for coitus. Leonard says that he didn’t even know her 12 hours ago! Joyce gets fed up and leaves, and as she passes Sheldon he says, “Really? 12 hours?”

Back to Penny and Leonard, and she says okay, now she can sympathize. But Leonard says it was actually kind of good, because at the time he was going some secret government job, and it turns out that she was a spy for North Korea. So it was good that Sheldon ran her off before Leonard told her anything. Penny comments that if Joyce had put her tongue in Leonard’s ear, he would have told her anything.

Scene 5

Leonard, Raj, and Howard are all in the apartment, playing some video game, now sitting on the brown couch. Raj’s hair is straight, and he’s wearing a sort of sports jacket and matching pants, that are this light pink, with a t-shirt underneath. Howard’s hair is all curly, and he’s wearing a dickie under a short-sleeved shirt.

Sheldon then walks in, and stops, and asks if they’re having a party, because parties around allowed, and asks what they’re sitting on. Howard says he doesn’t know about the others, but he’s sitting on his tushie. Raj asks if “tushie” is “buttocks,” and Howard says yes, and Raj laughs.

Leonard says it’s not a party, and introduces him to Howard and Raj, saying that they work at the university too. And someone on the first floor was selling the couch for $100, and Howard and Raj helped him carry it up the stairs. (Johnny flubbed this line the first time, he got caught up on the word “floor,” then said, “I take that back”). And now they have room for company! Sheldon asks if it had occurred to him that the point of the chairs was there was no room for company, and Leonard says no, but thinking back it probably should have.

He defends having company as according to the roommate agreement, he gets to allocate 50% of the shared space. Sheldon says that even having guests over requires an advance e-mail. Leonard says that he sent one. Sheldon pulls out some little organizer thing, with a stylus, and taps through it for a bit, before finally finding Leonard’s e-mail, in the junk folder. Leonard asks why he was in the junk folder. Sheldon says he put him there after he sent him a picture of a cat playing the piano, with the title “This is funny.”

Raj says he’s seen that one, it is funny! Howard says wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where you could post all those funny pictures, or even better, a video hosting site! Sheldon says that they’ll never have enough bandwidth. Howard says you just need to start small, like the site he made for his synagogue, where people can go and watch ceremonies, or something. He calls it “JewTube.” Raj says that’s a great name.

Back to Penny and Leonard - she asks when YouTube was created, and Leonard says 2005. Penny says wow, and Howard could have created it in 2003. Leonard says any guy who watched porn online could have invented it.

Scene 6

Sheldon’s sitting on the middle of the couch, with Raj to the left, and Howard to the right. He’s looking at Raj’s new iPod, and tells him that he’ll be sorry he wasted his money on it once Microsoft comes out with theirs. Raj asks him if he has an opinion on everything. Sheldon says he does. Howard asks, and you just assume you’re always correct? Sheldon says he doesn’t assume.

Then Sheldon turns to Raj and tells him to switch places with him, Sheldon doesn’t like how he has to keep turning his head. So they switch places. Leonard sees that Babylon 5 is about to start, but Sheldon says that no one there likes Babylon 5. Leonard, Howard, and Raj all say they do, but Sheldon says that Howard and Raj don’t get to vote. So it’s 1 against 1, and according to the roommate agreement, Sheldon decides all ties.

Then Sheldon tells Howard to switch seats with him, because there’s a draft on his neck. Howard asks, “So now I get the draft?” and Sheldon tells him he’ll be protected by his turtleneck. Howard stands up to switch, but as he passes Sheldon, tells him, “It’s a dickie!”

So Sheldon is now sitting in what’s his spot, but things still aren’t right. I can’t remember what he said on the first take, but on the second take he said that there were too many people. Leonard said fine, they’ll go to Howard’s, and the guys all get up to leave. Sheldon tells them to wait, he’ll grab his jacket, but Howard tells him that he’s the guy who they’re trying to get away from. Sheldon says oh, ok, he won’t need his jacket then. And corrects Howard that he’s the one “whom” they’re trying to get away from. They just look and him and sort of shake their heads before leaving. Sheldon sits in his spot, and everything’s right because there are no more people, and he says something like, “Oh yes, this is definitely my spot.”

Scene 7

The guys all enter Howard’s room. Howard’s mom yells to ask if he’s having a playdate. Howard says no, they’re colleagues! She asks if their parents know they’re there. Howard says no, but if she keeps yelling maybe they’ll hear her!

Leonard sees a rocket that Howard has, and asks if it’s a two phase rocket. Howard says it’s a three phase rocket, but he needs the new fuel that the government is working on. Leonard says that this may be his lucky day.

Then just as Raj is taking a bite of an Oreo, Howard’s mom asks if he took her Oreos on the counter. Howard yells back no, he didn’t see them, and Raj starts stuffing the cookies in his mouth. It was hilarious!! Raj is making these faces, trying to eat the cookies. After a pause, Howard yells that she can take her bath without her Oreos, and then on the first take after a while (during which the audience is laughing hysterically at Kunal with the cookies), Simon cracked up laughing, and then Kunal did do. Then on the second take Simon flubbed his second line, and Kunal kind of made this exasperated motion with his arms. He kept going off to the side to spit out the cookies between takes! I really really hope this is on the blooper reel for season 3, because it was just too funny! But the scene ends with Howard basically looking at Raj with the cookies, then turning back to Leonard and the rocket.

Scene 8

Back in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. Leonard, Raj, and Howard are at the kitchen counter, with the rocket, and a big pot thing, and different bottles of stuff. Howard asks what Leonard’s mixing, and Leonard at first says that it’s top secret and he can’t say, but then he quickly gives in and explains it all.

Cut to present briefly, Penny comments that he didn’t even need to put his tongue in Leonard’s ear. She asks why he had all that there, and he said that Joyce Kim had been interested to learn about what he did, and he was going to show it to her.

Back to the past, Sheldon comes up and is watching them. He looks at the papers Leonard had calculated stuff on, and says that he’s doing it wrong, the formula was for a full sized rocket, not a small model one. Leonard says that he took that into accounted and adjusted for it. Sheldon says he didn’t adjust correctly. Leonard gets mad, and says that Sheldon may be the expert on other things, but Leonard knows what he’s doing with the rocket fuel. And then steam starts to come from the pot!

Leonard panics, and picks it up and starts to run towards the door, yelling at Howard to open it. Sheldon pauses by the fridge before he runs out, and turns the flag upside-down! They had to re-shoot Howard and Leonard running across, and they had to pause first to reset the cameras or something, so Johnny’s still holding this steaming thing, and was like, “Yeah, anytime.”

But so they run into the hallway, and Leonard presses the button for the elevator, and it waiting there for it to open. Howard’s finally like, why are you waiting, take the stairs! So Leonard starts to take the stairs, but the elevator opens, so he runs back into that. Sheldon then takes the pot, sets it on the ground, and then drags Leonard out of the elevator. The door closes, and Leonard asks why he did that, they still had plenty of time! And then there’s an explosion noise, and steam comes out through the cracks in the elevator door. Sheldon looks at Leonard and says “You’re welcome.”

After this scene the guys were just standing around in front of the elevator, and then they started dancing to the music the DJ was playing! Johnny didn’t dance quite as much, but Simon, Kunal, and Jim were all really getting into it! At first we couldn’t quite see Jim, because he was right in the doorway, but then they moved so they were in the space in front of the elevator. It was hilarious! And the whole crowd was just cheering them on, haha.

Scene 9

Leonard and Penny again. She basically says to him, so you’re the reason that I have to walk up and down all those stairs everyday. And Leonard talks about how Sheldon didn’t tell the building manager that it was Leonard who made the fuel, or the police, or the government… And basically the four guys had agreed to never tell anyone the truth. Then Leonard realizes how he’d just told Penny, and says maybe that’s why he doesn’t get any government jobs anymore.

Penny says something about how it was stupid, anyway, and Leonard says it was just one mistake, and what was she doing 7 years ago? She says she was in high school, getting good grades, volunteering, etc, keeping her nose clean.

Then flashback to teenage Penny! She’s in her room, sitting on her bed with some guy, holding a pregnancy test that they’re both looking at. The result comes in, and she’s psyched to see that she’s not pregnant! On the first take, she said something like, “I’m on a roll!” but that was cut for the second.

Scene 10

Present time, Leonard goes back to his apartment, where Sheldon’s on the couch. Sheldon smells… something (can’t remember the name), and Leonard says he had a manicure and pedicure. Leonard says that he’d like to apologize, the agreement did specify the thermostat temperature, and he shouldn’t have changed that. Sheldon says that wasn’t an apology, Leonard was just stating the facts. So Leonard gives in, and says “I’m sorry.”

Leonard sits on the couch, and asks Sheldon if he minds if he watches TV. Sheldon says no, he was reading, or doing something else anyway while on the couch. Leonard turns it on, and sees that Babylon 5 is on.

Cut to Penny, putting her nail stuff away, and she hears Leonard and Sheldon fighting over the TV show. Leonard says Sheldon’s not even watching it, and asks if the dialogue offends him. There’s a few more lines, and Penny’s just amused listening to this, and Sheldon ends with threatening to turn the flag upside-down, because he will!

Edit: After the show - we went to the barrier down below, hoping for autographs. Jim actually didn't disappear as quickly as he usually did, but it wasn't long before he was gone, without signing anything. Kunal came by first, and he signed my program. He's really nice, by the way, he always asks "How are you?" as he's signing, and thanks us for coming.

Then we saw that Kaley was signing, and got really excited, since we've never seen her sign before! So she came by, and she signed my DVDs. Her signature partially covered Leonard, and she laughed and said something like, "I'm writing on Johnny's head!" (Actually, her signature was completely on top of Chuck Lorre's, but I totally didn't care, I'm just psyched that she signed it!)

We stood there a little longer, but it didn't look like anyone else was signing, so my friends decided to go. So we'd just left the seating area, and then one of my friends stops and said that Johnny was signing! I turned, excited, and then thought she was kidding, but she was serious, so I quickly turned around and ran back there! I managed to squeeze in up front, and handed him my DVDs and program to sign, saying something like, "Thank you so much!" I thought about saying something about how much I love him on the show, but couldn't think of what exactly to say, and there was someone onstage calling for him, and others still waiting next to me... He moved on to sign for the next person, and then my friend handed my her DVD set that she was having people sign. Johnny was about to leave, but I asked if he could please sign this for my friend, so he stopped and signed it too, before finally leaving. So I just barely managed to catch him!

So yes, an awesome night! Great episode, and finally met Johnny and Kaley!
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