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Before the taping started, they showed us “The Wheaton Recurrence.” Even though it was sad, it’s still a good episode, lots of funny stuff to balance it out.

The new episode was called “The Plimpton Stimulation,” and featured guest Judy Greer as Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton.

Scene 1 - Caltech cafeteria

Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are sitting together at a table. Raj walks up with his food, but sneezes before he can sit down. Sheldon stops him and asks him to explain his sneeze. Was it allergies? No. Did he put too much pepper on his salad? Raj says he never puts pepper on his salad. Sheldon’s heard enough, and asks Raj to sit at the other table.

Raj doesn’t want to sit by himself. Sheldon says that Typhoid Mary said the same thing, and clearly her friends buckled. Raj turns to Howard and Leonard for help. They tell Sheldon, come on, it was just one sneeze. Raj sneezes a second time. They turn back to Raj, and say sorry, you’re on your own.

So Raj sits at the table next to him. Sheldon pulls out a paper and hands it to Leonard, saying that as per their roommate agreement, he’s giving Leonard his two days notice that Sheldon will have an unrelated female guest staying with them. Leonard asks if the guest will be human. Sheldon says of course, pets aren’t allowed under their roommate agreement, except for service animals, such as seeing eye dogs, or in the future, robotic monkeys.

Howard then asks Sheldon if he’s planning on kidnapping a woman. Sheldon asks if that was sarcasm. Howard’s original response: “No, it’s genuine question.” Replaced with: “Oh God, I hope so.” Replaced again with: “Mostly, but with a mix of real concern.”

Sheldon says that no, Elizabeth Plimpton will be staying with him. The guys are surprised, and Raj makes some comment about her research. Sheldon tells Raj that, until he gets a surgical mask, he needs to speak through a napkin while around Sheldon. Sheldon’s been corresponding with Plimpton for a long time now, talking about her research, and now she’s under consideration to become faculty at Caltech.

Howard says, “Two part question. A. Are you kidding me? B. Really, are you freaking kidding me?” Sheldon says that A, he rarely kids. And B, when he does, they’ll know it because he follows it up with “bazinga.”

Leonard asks why Sheldon’s never told him he knows Plimpton, because Leonard’s a huge fan! Sheldon apologizes, and says he didn’t realize he needed to share his connections to things that Leonard liked. He then adds the Leonard likes Canadian bacon, and he (Sheldon) has been to Toronto.

Leonard or Howard then asks Sheldon why isn’t she staying in a hotel. Sheldon says that no one should stay in hotels, the windows don’t open, they reuse sheets, and the keys are shaped like credit cards, they’re assuming that people have an open card slot in their wallets. So they ask where she’s going to sleep, and Sheldon says in his bed.

The guys are shocked, and Raj says something in surprise (holy crap, maybe? something like that). Only Raj forgot the napkin, so then he raises the napkin to his mouth and repeats it. Howard asks if they’ll be sleeping Sheldon’s bed, together. Sheldon says yes. Pause, then, bazinga!

Leonard then raises his hand, with a question of his own, but I can’t remember for the life of me right now what he asked. After he answers, Sheldon checks his watch, and says he has time for one more question. Raj asks when he can sit with them again. Sheldon says when he sees two clean throat cultures with a 12 hour interval between them, “you know the drill.”

Sheldon gets up, and his original line was he was going to prepare a welcome basket of feminine products. The line was replaced with Sheldon saying he was going to start a round of antibiotics.

After Sheldon leaves, Raj gets up and moves to join Leonard and Howard. But Howard tells him to stop, he heard Sheldon, where are his throat cultures? So Raj turns, dejected, to sit by himself again. But on the last couple takes, after Raj started to turn away, Howard said, “Kidding!” So Raj sits with them, but then sneezes again, and then Howard and Leonard get up and leave him alone.

This whole opening scene took a long time to film, between line flubs (can’t remember anything specific, but there were a few), and getting things from different angles, and trying new lines.

Scene 2 - Entrance/Stairwell

Sheldon enters the lobby, carrying a large bag or two, as Penny was checking her mail. Sheldon has a question for her about the pads he just bought, do the flexi wings really work? Or was he fooled by the devious advertising? He says the stock boy at Walgreens wasn’t very much help. He also lists of some other stuff that he bought.

Penny asks why he bought them, and Sheldon says that he’s having a woman staying with him for a couple days. Penny’s surprised, and Sheldon asks why everyone’s so flabbergasted when they hear that. Penny says she’s not flabbergasted, she’s just puzzled.

There might have been a little bit more to this, but they only did it once, so that’s all I can remember.

Scene 3 - Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment

Sheldon’s cleaning, and there’s a knock at the door. Leonard walks out from the hallway, wearing a tie and jacket, asking if he looks smart. Sheldon says it’s doesn’t matter, one of the greatest minds of the world is about to host another great mind. He tells Leonard to pay attention, because Sheldon’s biographer might ask about this someday in the future. Leonard says that he has a lot of things to tell Sheldon’s biographer.

Sheldon goes to open the door, and it’s Plimpton. She says she almost forgot how to get there, but then she remembered she had the directions on her hand. She says it’s a pleasure to meet Sheldon, and he says he’s sure it is.

She walks into the apartment, and Leonard shakes her hand and says “Hi-lo.” He clumsily explains that he started to say hi, but halfway through switched to hello, and hi-lo was the result. He says he’s a big fan, and he’s read all of her books, and most of her papers. Sheldon tells Plimpton to excuse Leonard, he’s just an experimental physicist. She says that some of her best friends are experimental physicist… well, she knows people who are experimental physicists. She rambles a little, and apologizes, then says “hi-lo.”

Leonard asks if he can get her anything to drink. Sheldon says no, she’s his guest, then asks her if she’d like a maxi pad (I think?), or a yogurt to regulate her bowel movement. She says, based on her current needs, she’ll take the yogurt. Sheldon walks away towards the fridge, leaving Plimpton and Leonard together. Leonard picks up one of her books from his desk, holding it up to show the back cover with her picture, and says, “It’s you!”

Scene 4 - Slightly later in the apartment

Plimpton’s sitting where Leonard usually sits, eating the yogurt, and Leonard and Sheldon are on the couch. She thanks them for letting her stay with her. Leonard says of course, no one should be in hotels, with their reused sheets, and weird card keys. She smiles and says it’s good to meet someone who understands her feelings about hotels. Sheldon says Leonard doesn’t really understand, he does. Leonard says he understands too. Sheldon says no, he doesn’t, he’s just copying Sheldon’s understanding.

Then Leonard has the next line, but Johnny flubbed it on the first take, something like, “I think that wha-wa-whata- what is it?” So they stopped, and he looked at the script, and said, “That’s what I thought it was.” Then they were figuring out where to start again from, and there was a little more confusion, but they started with one of Sheldon’s lines on understanding. But after Jim said his line, Johnny was like, “Which understand are we on?” So they stopped again, and Johnny checked the script. And Bill Prady went up to say something to Johnny, and as he was approaching Johnny asked, “Am I fired?”

But once they continue, Leonard is basically telling Plimpton that he thinks any university would want to have her. Except for the university that already had her… but they would have wanted her before that. It’s all very rambly, and afterwards Sheldon says, “This from the mind that brought you ‘hi-lo.’”

Sheldon offers to show Plimpton her room, and she says sure. So they get up, she tells Leonard goodnight, and he says, “Sleep night.” He then explains he started to say “sleep tight,” but then changed his mind halfway through to “good night” … and he really is smart, he swears!

Scene 5 - Sheldon’s bedroom

Sheldon shows Plimpton the main highlights of the room. The window can be open, closed, or half open/half closed, depending on your personal philosophy. He points out his comic books, which she’s welcome to read, and the disposable reading gloves. In his closet he shows her the emergency kit, which includes food, and season 2 of Star Trek on a flash drive. She asks what if all the flash drive ports were destroyed, and he says that then life wouldn’t be worth living.

Plimpton says she has a question about Leonard. Sheldon’s first response, “I thought he was self explanatory, but okay.” Replaced with, “He is an odd duck, isn’t he?” She asks what Leonard’s relationship status is. Sheldon tells him he was in a relationship with the waitress across the hall, but it recently ended as inexplicably as it had started.

Then he shows her the bathroom schedule, and the emergency escape route, which are laminated in the welcome packet on her bed. He then takes his backup emergency kit from under his bed, to take with him to the living room. He tells her goodnight, and if the apocalypse should happen that night, good luck.

Scene 6 - Leonard’s bedroom

This scene was pre-taped. Leonard’s awake in bed, reading, and Plimpton knocks on his door and comes in. She says she couldn’t sleep. He says he couldn’t either, and shows her the book he’s reading, one of hers. She says she thought he already read it; he has, but it’s been a while, and he was wanting to sound smart over breakfast.

She comes closer and sits on his bed to look at the chapter he’s reading; she says she was naked the whole time when she wrote it. He’s surprised, and says really? Because you can’t tell while reading it. She says she’ll show him - she stands up, and drops her robe as she’s reciting something from the book. Leonard says that she really makes the science come alive.

Scene 7 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

It’s the next morning, and Sheldon gets up from the couch. He says something like, “Morning vocal test 1, vocal test,” then clears his throat, and repeats it. He then starts to fold his blankets, as Leonard and Plimpton come in and go to the kitchen area. Sheldon says he hopes that she had a good night, and she smiles and looks at Leonard and says she did.

Leonard offers her coffee, and asks how she’d like it; she likes it black. Sheldon goes to use the bathroom. On the first take, we could hear Sheldon relieving himself, and when he finished he said, “Shake twice for Texas.” Leonard tells Plimpton that that’s something his mother taught him. For the second take, we heard Sheldon say something like, “Pee for Houston, Pee for Austin, Pee for the state I lost my heart in… And shake twice for Texas,” but without a peeing sound effect.

Sheldon comes back, tells Plimpton that the seat is down, disinfected, and it’s her turn. On the first take, he followed that saying they keep a tight bathroom schedule, so she’d better go soon. On the second, instead she said that she thinks she’ll finish her coffee first. Sheldon then said, oh, so the yogurt didn’t work, and he’ll write them a letter to complain.

Someone’s knocking at the front door, Sheldon answers, and it’s Penny, asking if she can get a ride to work, her car won’t start. Sheldon asks if she was ignoring the check engine light again. She says no, this time she was ignoring the needs gas light. Sheldon turns to Leonard, saying that Penny’s there to take advantage of the feelings he still has for her to get a ride.

Penny sees Plimpton, steps in and says hi, and Sheldon introduces them to each other. He lists off all of Plimpton’s accomplishments, then describes Penny as something like, “She’s a waitress, and doesn’t understand the importance of gasoline in a combustion engine.”

Penny says that she hopes Plimpton is enjoying her stay so far, and she says she is, and turns back and smiles at Leonard. Sheldon tells Plimpton that Leonard’s bathroom time is fast approaching, and she doesn’t want to use it after him, so she leaves for the bathroom. Leonard tries to leave too, saying he needs to get dressed so he can drive them all to work, but Penny tells him to stop.

She’s not happy about him and Plimpton, and reminds him that they just broke up. He said something like, “Yeah, how are you doing with that?” And she said, “Apparently, not as good as you.” She starts to say something about if he wants to sleep with Plimpton… But Sheldon interrupts, asking if he was recommending that Leonard sleep with Plimpton? Because that’s ridiculous, and Plimpton has much better things to do with her time.

Penny says she’s not recommending it, she’s saying it already happened. Sheldon says no, it didn’t, and they turn to Leonard. He says it did, but it wasn’t his fault! Sheldon asks what, did Leonard trip, and accidentally fall into her lady parts? Penny says never mind, she’ll just take the bus. Leonard follows her, saying he can still give her a ride. But she says no, he might trip on a banana peel and get her pregnant.

So she leaves, and Leonard tells Sheldon that he didn’t betray Penny. Sheldon says, no, he betrayed him! Leonard asks how; Sheldon says, “Dr Plimpton is my friend, and you’re playing with her!” Sheldon goes down the hallway, leaving Leonard alone, who sort of smiled and said something like, “Yes, I did.”

Scene 8 - Caltech cafeteria

Leonard, Howard, and Raj are sitting together at a table. Raj takes a swig out of a flask. The others stare at him, but he says it’s fine, it’s just Nyquil. Leonard asks him if he’s still sick, Raj says he doesn’t care! It’s got 10% alcohol, it’s the sneezing, sniffling, coughing, talk to women, medicine.

Leonard comments that he didn’t get much sleep last night (wanting to brag about Plimpton, but being vague), and the others ask if he’s sick too. He says no, he wasn’t sick. They try guessing different reasons why he was up all night - another stop motion animation movie with his legos? And other things I can’t remember. He says no, and gives them another hint, that there was another person involved. They stare blankly, with no idea.

Sheldon and Plimpton come up to sit with them. Sheldon introduces her to Dr Koothrappali (Raj stands and shakes her hand, confident), not-a-doctor Wolowitz, and she already knows Leonard. Leonard asks her if she’s tired, she says yes, and he offers to get her a coffee. He asks black, right? But she’s looking at Raj, smiling, and says no, she wants something hot, brown, and sweet.

Scene 9 - Laundry room

Sheldon’s folding his laundry, and Penny enters. She’s surprised that he’s there, it’s not laundry night. He says that doesn’t matter, the whole world is wrong, up is down, down is up, electrons have a positive charge, and 6,000 years ago, God made the world in a week.

Penny had three different responses to this. First: “But it’s not Sheldon’s laundry day.” Second: “And on the sixth day, Sheldon shall do his laundry.” Third: “Six days, sweetie.” Sheldon just looks at her, confused, and she says, “Look it up.” At the very end, they did a pickup on this line, and Kaley just said, “Look it up” a few times, with slightly different emphasis on each. The third got lots of laughter from the audience, then she started laughing, and moved like she was punching at Jim.

Anyway, so after Penny’s line, Sheldon continues. You think you know a person, then they turn around and do something unexpected. Penny says “Tell me about it.” Sheldon says that he was, wasn’t she listening? She just tells him to continue.

Sheldon thought he found a kindred spirit in Plimpton, but it turns out she’s just driven by her sexual urges… like Penny. For Penny’s original response, she said she was about to commiserate with him, but now she might just stuff him into the dryer. Then they changed it, and she just says that the washing machine can give him a huge swirly.

Sheldon says sorry, he forgot, she’s sensitive about being “a pretty blonde monkey.” Then the line was changed to “pretty blonde DNA dispenser.” Penny says to herself she just heard “pretty.”

Sheldon says he’s afraid that he might be the only one of his species in the world. Penny’s original line was something like, “God, we hope so.” It was then changed to, “We’re all crossing our fingers.”

Scene 10 - Raj’s apartment

Howard knocks on Raj’s door, and Raj answers, but barely opens the door, just so he can peek his head out. Raj asks why he’s there, and Howard says it’s Halo night. Raj says he’s still sick, gives a little cough, and tells Howard to go away. Howard says that that’s why they came over to Raj’s, and he brought food; and if Raj isn’t hungry, they can play field hockey with the matzo balls.

Then you hear Plimpton from inside the apartment say something (maybe asking who was at the door? can’t remember, but not very important), and Howard asks Raj who was in there with him. Raj’s first response was saying it was just the tv. The line was replaced with Raj saying he got a parrot.

Howard forces his way inside, and he sees Plimpton on Raj’s couch. She’s excited that Howard’s there, and asks if he likes role playing games. He says yeah, he’s a dungeon master. She says not tonight, now he’s the delivery man, and she and Raj don’t have money to pay him, so they’ll have to find some other way to compensate him.

Howard and Raj are in shock, but she gets up and goes through some other door, saying they can work out the details, and she’s going to change into something she doesn’t mind having ripped off her milky skin. Raj is mad that Howard’s there and messing things up, and reminds him that he has a girlfriend. Howard says no, he doesn’t, they broke up weeks ago. Raj asks when Howard was planning on telling them. Howard says he was waiting for the right time, and this is the right time.

Then Leonard comes in. Raj tries to tell him to leave, and Howard says something about the numbers already being off enough. Plimpton pokes her head out the door, and is glad to see Leonard. He asks what’s going on, she says that he and Howard are her moving men, Raj is her new landlord, and she doesn’t have the money to pay any of them.

She disappears back through the door, and Leonard asks if she’s saying what he thinks she’s saying. Howard says yes, welcome to the penthouse. Raj asks if either of them are actually willing to do it, and Howard raises his hand. Leonard says that they’d have to see each other naked, and Howard quickly drops his hand.

Plimpton comes back out, dressed very skimpily. Raj whispers to Howard and Leonard for them to follow his lead. He then turns to Plimpton and says that they’re going to go out into the hallway, so they can make a grand entrance. Raj ushers them out the door, telling them to run and don’t look back. As Leonard leaves, he dejectedly mutters something about how he thought he and Plimpton had something special. Instead of following them out, Raj closes the door and locks them out, then turns to Plimpton and said something like, “So, you’re out of money?” all smooth.

Scene 11 - Entrance/Stairwell

Leonard comes into the lobby, and meets Penny, who’s carrying her laundry up. Leonard wants to explain to her about Plimpton. Penny says no, he’s under no obligation to explain anything to her. He asks if that means she’s not judging him. She says no, he doesn’t have to explain, but she’s still judging him seven times till Sunday. But Leonard still wants to explain himself, set the record straight. She says fine, and he waits a while before finally deciding on his answer, “Because she let me.”


My quick thoughts - I'm disappointed with Leonard for sleeping with Plimpton, and being so happy about it. Especially after how depressed he was in the last episode. I knew she was going to make a move on him, but I was really hoping he'd turn her away.

On the other hand, I did like that Penny was clearly bothered by Leonard moving on. At least the writers are partially acknowledging that, after such a big relationship, it shouldn't be so easy to jump into something with someone new.

I still laughed a lot, but I think this is my least favorite of the season.
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