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Here's this week's report! I might make a few small edits, but this is basically what I can remember right now:

Episode title: The Spaghetti Catalyst

Scene 1 - Apartment lobby/stairs

Penny is checking her mail. Original first line (full of sarcasm): “Oh yay, a 50% off coupon for the Cheesecake Factory. That’ll come in handy.” Was replaced with: “Damn it, they canceled my Visa card… Ooo, a new Master card!”

Sheldon then comes in from the main door, and pauses when he sees her. She asks what he’s doing, and he says he was going to check his mail. “Telepathically?” she asks. He says no, and corrects her that it would be “telekinetically.”

He goes to check his mail, and says he wasn’t sure of the social protocol now that Penny and Leonard have stopped having coitus. Penny asks why he can’t just say they’ve stopped seeing each other. Sheldon says that that’s not true, they live in the same apartment and still do see each other, it’s the coitus that’s changed. Penny says that she and Sheldon can still be friends, but he needs to stop saying coitus. Sheldon is glad that they’re still friends, it was a lot of effort to include her in his life, and he’s glad that won’t all go to waste.

They start to walk up the stairs, and he asks if he needs to stop saying coitus just around her, or to everyone. She says everyone. He then starts suggesting some alternatives, including intercourse, and fornication (though the last one has a negative connotation, so he’ll avoid using it).

When they moved to the main stairwell, Kaley tripped over one of the steps at the bottom at the start of the take. People rushed over to help her, but we could hear her laugh, and she said she was fine, and “it’s a tight turn.” (Then when they went back to film this sequence again, she jokingly said to Jim, “Don’t push me again.”)

So they’re walking up to the second floor, and Penny asks Sheldon how he’s been. He gives some explanation about his life being constant/continual (can’t remember the exact wording), and basically every point was just like all the others. Penny asks him if he’s coitusing with her, and he nods and says “bazinga.”

Third floor. Penny asks how Leonard is. Sheldon says that he’s spending a lot of time looking at pictures of Penny, and smelling the pillow she used, and then remembers he wasn’t supposed to say that. Penny says it’s ok, she’ll just forget that she heard it. Sheldon would prefer that she forgot he said it.

Fourth floor. Sheldon notices that Penny has bought spaghetti. He likes spaghetti; his mom used to cook Italian food, because that’s probably what the Romans fed to Jesus. She says he can come over sometime and she’ll cook it. He suggests that night, so she says sure, come over in about an hour. He asks if she can cut up hot dogs and put the pieces in the sauce; she doesn’t have any hot dogs, but he says he does, so he’ll bring them over.

Scene 2 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

Leonard, Raj, and Howard are getting ready to eat. They ask Sheldon where he was, and he says he was talking to Penny. Howard tells him he can’t talk to his roommate’s ex-girlfriend, but Leonard says he doesn’t care, he’s over it. Raj asks then why Leonard’s spent the day trying to figure out how to make the memory eraser from Men in Black. Sheldon says he’d like one of those, he’d like to forget Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Howard says Ben Affleck would like to forget too.

As Leonard’s up getting drinks, Howard tells Sheldon that he needs to pick a team, Leonard or Penny. Sheldon asks which team picks last, he always ended up on the team that picked last… First take - “…except sometimes there was a coin toss.” Replaced with - “…unless there was a kid in a wheelchair.”

Leonard comes back, and tells Sheldon he hopes he’s hungry, because he got him tangerine chicken. Sheldon (kind of awkwardly) says of course he’s hungry, because he has no other plans to eat with anyone else that night. Then he adds that he’s on Leonard’s team, and in support makes the “L” sign with his fingers over his forehead.

Somewhere in there Sheldon also asked Leonard if they still had hotdogs. Leonard says yeah, and asked why. Sheldon says no reason, just making dinner conversation. Also at some point Raj asked Howard if he thought he (Howard) would go to hell for eating sweet and sour pork. Howard says that there’s no hell for Jews, there’s acid reflex.

Scene 3 - Still in the apartment, but a little later on

(The stuff in this paragraph might have actually happened in the previous scene, the two are running together in my mind). Leonard asks the others what they have planned for that night. Howard says he has to go pick up his mom from her aquatics class, and compares her and her classmates to the manatees at Sea World. Leonard then asks Raj. Raj makes some comment about, sure, now Leonard wants to hang out with him, even though he never did when he had a girlfriend.

Sheldon gets up and says he’s going to get a refreshment from the kitchen. As he gets his drink, he also gets the package of hot dogs, and puts them down the front of his pants. (Jim had some trouble getting the hot dogs in his pants on the first take, it was funny!) Then he says he’s going for a walk. When the guys question him, he says that walking after eating increases endorphins, and there’s nothing that he likes more than endorphins.

He heads to the door, and Howard says to hold on, he’ll walk down with him. Sheldon says ok, and holds the door open, and says Howard can go first. Howard says they can go together, unless Sheldon can think of some reason why they shouldn’t. Sheldon can’t think of anything, and says so. Howard starts to walk forward, Sheldon says wait! But no, he still doesn’t have a reason.

So Sheldon and Howard leave, leaving Raj and Leonard in the apartment. Raj says that the two of them should go to Vegas, and get drunk, and party with the showgirls. Kunal messed up this line a couple times; on the first take, Johnny lightly hit him on the head with one of the DVD cases he was holding. On the second take, Johnny just looked at him for a bit, then said, “I think you just came from Vegas.” But Kunal finally got the line, and Leonard just says no.

But then they changed the Vegas line, and instead Raj just looked over at Leonard with a smile, and says, “I missed you.”

Scene 4 - Apartment lobby and outside the building

Sheldon and Howard reach the apartment lobby. Howard heads for the door, but Sheldon stands by the elevator, and says goodbye. Howard says he thought Sheldon was going for a walk; Sheldon says he never specified he was going outside. Howard asks if Sheldon is just going to walk up and down the stairs, and Sheldon quickly says, no, that would be silly and suspicious behavior.

So they go outside (this part was pre-taped), Sheldon asks Howard which way he’s going, and then Sheldon says he’s going the other way. But then Howard realized he parked in the other direction after all, so they walk that way together. Howard suddenly says he smells hot dogs, but Sheldon manages to keep him from figuring it out, and soon Howard’s on his scooter and gone. Then a big dog shows up, and Sheldon realizes that he’s smelling the hot dogs too, and he runs for it.

Scene 5 - Penny’s apartment

Penny’s working on the spaghetti, when Sheldon knocks on her door. As she’s walking to the door, she holds up one finger to herself after the first knock, then two fingers after the second knock, but then she pauses by the door, confused, when there’s no third knock. It finally comes, and she smiles, opening the door to find Sheldon, who’s hair is messed up, and he’s holding a single hot dog. He informs her that the other five hotdogs were given in exchange for his life. She just looks at him, and on the first take after a bit, Jim said, “I aint got anything else.”

Scene 6 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

Raj says that he wants to go out and meet a girl, but Leonard no. Raj asks how he can get a girl without a wingman to help him, and Leonard asks if he really thinks that him being there would be helpful. Raj says yeah, next to Leonard he looks great. Leonard insists that he’s staying in, so next Raj asks if he can go into Leonard’s room and download some Asian porn. Leonard says no.

Raj then made a moan/annoyed sound in response. On the first take, Johnny started laughing after it. Then on the second take, Kunal was smiling right afterwards. Then they took out the sound, and instead Raj says, “It doesn’t have to be Asian porn.”

Leonard tells him that he’ll find a girl someday. She’ll be beautiful, and kind, and funny, and everything he always wanted, and he’ll fall in love with her and give her his heart, which she’ll then take and grind into tiny pieces. Raj asked how big her breasts will be. Then on the second take, instead Raj asks if they’ll at least get to sleep together first.

Scene 7 - Penny’s apartment

Penny and Sheldon are eating the spaghetti she made. She asks if Leonard minded that Sheldon was there. Sheldon says no, that Leonard said he was fine and over it, and that was in no way said in a way that suggested he was hiding bitterness. Also, he added that Leonard has finished crying over her. Penny doesn’t like to hear that Leonard was crying, but Sheldon realizes that that was another thing he wasn’t supposed to have told her.

Penny says she feels bad, and Sheldon asks her if her stomach hurts too. She says no, confused, and asks if his stomach hurts. He says no, and he was just making dinner conversation. Sheldon says it’s nice that Penny made him dinner, Leonard never cooks. She says that’s because Leonard can’t cook. Sheldon says that neither can she, but she still made him spaghetti. She gets up and says she’s going to get the cheesecake, and Sheldon says to himself that he’s in Jewish hell.

Also, somewhere in here Sheldon said something about his shoes not being good for running... Penny asks if he was recently running, and he says no, it's just a guess (or something).

I noticed Kaley was still eating more of the spaghetti between takes (we were sitting in front of Penny’s apartment this week, so good view for this scene). Jim had a bit of trouble of one of his lines, and Kaley said something about how it was fine, because the spaghetti was really good!

Scene 8 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

Still in the living room, Raj is now on a laptop. He turns it to Leonard and asks if he thinks the picture is real or photoshopped - Leonard doesn’t think that Martha Stewart would have posed naked with five fat Chinese guys. Raj says that prison changes you.

Sheldon walks in, and Leonard asks where he was, he was gone for an hour and a half. Sheldon says he got lost on his walk. Leonard’s surprised, because his phone has GPS. Sheldon says the GPS wasn’t working due to solar flares. Raj says that there weren’t any solar flares, he would have known about them. Sheldon says he misspoke, what he meant to say was his batteries died. Leonard asks why didn’t he use his battery booster. Sheldon says it didn’t work, and it had nothing to do with solar flares.

Sheldon walks back to his room, and Leonard comments that that was strange. Raj then shows him another picture, and asks if he really things that Oprah and Hilary Clinton had sex. On the first take, Leonard asked Raj, “What website are you on??” On the second take, Leonard said, “We really need to get you a girlfriend,” and Raj said, “That’s what I’ve been saying, dude!”

Scene 9 - Leonard’s bedroom

Leonard’s in bed, and Sheldon knocks on his door. Leonard says to come in, annoyed, and Sheldon says that maybe this is a bad time. Leonard tells Sheldon to tell him why he came in, or he’ll kill him; Sheldon is astonished at Leonard’s lack of social skills, as a death threat is no way to start a conversation.

Sheldon tells Leonard he’d better sit down. Leonard points out he’s in bed. Sheldon says, right, you’d better sit up. Leonard says to just tell him, and Sheldon says, “I’ve been seeing Penny behind your back.” Leonard sits up, and says something like, “When you say seeing Penny, what exactly do you mean?”

Sheldon says that he’d just had dinner with her, she made him spaghetti with hotdogs cut up in the sauce. No, he corrects himself, hotdog. The other five went to a real dog. A big dog. Though he’s getting off on a tangent, so he’ll circle back to that later. Jim had some trouble getting this line out, and said it was the rhythm that was throwing him off, then added (in a higher pitched voice) “It’s killing me!”

Leonard tells Sheldon that he’s fine with Sheldon and Penny still being friends. On the first take, Sheldon says something about how his guilt kept him from sleeping for nothing. On the second take, he said something like, “Well, as Meemaw would say, we killed the pig but it turns out no one wants bacon!”

Now that that was settled, Sheldon sits down on Leonard’s bed to return to the tangent, and starts to tell about how he lost his hot dogs.

Scene 10 - Laundry room

Leonard’s folding his laundry. Penny starts to come in, sees him, and says never mind, she’ll come back later. Leonard says no, it’s fine, they’re neighbors and will need to get used to seeing each other. So she comes in and goes to one of the washing machines. After a few seconds, he asks, “Used to it yet?” and she says “Nope.”

He tells her that Sheldon was worried about how he’d react to Sheldon and Penny being friends, but Leonard assures her that he’s fine with it. Penny says good, because Sheldon’s mom called her, and she’s going to take Sheldon shopping for new clothes and sheets. Leonard says that he was going to take Sheldon shopping for that. She says he can take him if he wants, but Leonard says no, he doesn’t really want to. Penny tells him he can take him shopping for shoes instead, and Leonard says he just took him to get shoes! Penny says all she knows is that he says his feet hurt.

Leonard says fine, he’ll take Sheldon next Saturday for shoes. Penny says Saturday won’t work, she’s going to Disneyland with some friends from work, and Sheldon asked if he could come along. Leonard’s annoyed, and asks why she’s taking him, and she says he heard her talking on the phone about it, and she couldn’t say no. He tells her to not let Sheldon eat too much junk food, because he wants him to eat dinner when he gets home. Penny says of course he’s going to eat junk food, they’re going to Disneyland. Leonard also tells her to not let Sheldon go on Space Mountain after he eats (he says he’ll be fine, but he won’t be), and keep him away from Goofy or he’ll have nightmares, and Leonard will be the one who has to deal with it. Penny asks what’s wrong with Goofy, Leonard says he has no idea, but Sheldon’s fine with Pluto.

One on of the lines about Disneyland, Johnny kind of messed it up, then just made nonsense noise. Then when they were ready to try again, there was some loud noise outside the sound stage that they had to pause for, and Johnny said, “Those damn dancers.” (America’s Next Dance Crew also films somewhere on the WB lot, the same night.)

Scene 11 - Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment

It’s Saturday night. Leonard, Howard, and Raj are in the living room, and I’m completely blanking right now on what the start of the scene was. But Penny and Sheldon come in, and Sheldon’s wearing mouse ears, and carrying big white gloves and other random goodies.

Leonard asks why they’re so late, because it’s 10:30, and they were supposed to call if they were going to miss dinner. Sheldon says they stayed to see the water show at California Adventures. Leonard says that he was going to see the show with Sheldon, but Sheldon tells him that he’ll see it again with him. Sheldon also says that he’ll eat the food, but Penny tells him no, he’s already thrown up once today, and he needs to brush his teeth and go to bed. Sheldon says fine, but Leonard and Penny need to stop fighting; Leonard says they’re not fighting. Sheldon starts to walk away, and Leonard says, “Aren’t you going to thank Penny for taking you to Disneyland?” and Sheldon happily says “Thank you Penny!” before walking down the hall.

Leonard then asks Penny if she’d like a cup of coffee, and she initially says no, it’s getting late and she should leave. He persists, saying it’s just coffee, and she gives in. They walk over to the kitchen. Howard and Raj have been watching this, Raj whispers in Howard’s ear, and Howard says something about how he agrees that it’s really strange/dysfunctional.

Leonard pours Penny some coffee, and makes a comment about something smelling, and she says it’s the churro vomit on her shoes.

Scene 12 - Sheldon’s room

Sheldon’s asleep, still wearing his mouse ears, and Leonard and Penny are watching him from the doorway, smiling. Penny comments that he’s such a little angel when he’s asleep, and Leonard says yeah, it’s too bad he has to wake up. Penny looks at Leonard and says, “We can do this.” He asks, “What, smother Sheldon in his sleep with a pillow? You don’t think that’s a little mean?” She says no, they can be friends. He agrees, and then asks, “Just throwing this out there, two friends who also have sex?” She smiles and shakes her head, and says goodnight and walks away. He pulls the door shut to follow, and says something about how they’re just friends, goofing around. Cut back to Sheldon, who’s suddenly startled (though still asleep), and he’s muttering something about Goofy.

Once the taping was over, they took pictures of the audience, and said they'll put them on the vanity card at the end of the episode, to prove that they do use a live audience, and not a laugh track. I also got Chuck Lorre to sign my DVDs, and Kunal to sign my program.
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