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Originally Posted by Silversun
What you saw was the aired pilot. The unaired pilot was shot about a year before that, and half the scenes from it were cut into the aired pilot, while they re-shot some scenes. That's why Jake's hair was sometimes long and sometimes short in the pilot.

The "I'm not a narc or anything" line was in both the unaired and aired scripts, though they had to reshoot it because in the unaired pilot, Will and Scout had a different dorm room set. Will's father was a reshoot, becaue in the unaired pilot someone else played him, and we saw him in Will's dorm room, not out in the truck.

These are all the people I can think of that were different in the unaired pilot and for whom they had to do reshoots:

Kate Fleming
Brian Krudski
Susan Krudski
Charlie Banks
Grace Banks
Oh, i understand. I'd love to see it. is there a site where i can download it? It'll be great to put the vid or some caps at my kate bosworth and katherine moennig sites. Thanks!

Also, i've seen the other actress playing grace banks in a promo for young americans. that girl had HUGE lips if i'm not mistaken, lol.

And charlie banks was an actor in the aired pilot and then they changed him for another actor in the rest of the episodes. the aired-unaired pilot actor is the same? or the unaired pilot's actor is the same who played charlie banks in the rest of the episodes.

Do you know what i mean? no? me niether... lol
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