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The JVDB creative challenge #3 - 'cuz we're dressing James up! And the WINNER is...

V - I have an entry from Nora. Kimberly was struggling for an idea. I've still to hear back from Jen, Bea and maybe Maddie but not sure if they are all taking part. Go work some magic!

Okay - I managed to come up with a challenge (Jen - we'll clarify your's for next time). This was sort of inspired by a conversation that started on the DJ thread on the DC board when Kimberly posted

I know a lot of people were annoyed when we knew it was a manip for the promo poster, so my challenge to you is:

Create a promo poster for the opening episodes of Dawson's Creek Season 6 (601/02). You can use any photo's/text/manip...whatever.

Deadline - November 19th.

Entries should be PMed to me.
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