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***Secret Santa 2009: There's nothing like the gift of James!***

This did well last year and I thought we could do it again this year.

Basically, if you want to be involved you can post here that you want to take part. As opposed to giving the usual diamonds or cars I thought this year we could give the gift of James in the form of either a music video or an avi/fan art/wallpaper/banner...or whatever else can be given here!

If people would be interested then just post here. If you sign up, you'll be agreeing to make something for someone else.

It'd be great if everyone could be involved as we have very talented people here. And as far as i know, everyone makes some sort of creative arty thing. I'll leave it for people to post they want to take part until the 22nd of November, unless everyone I expect to be in gets back to me. Then I'll pick names from a hat and PM everyone with the person they will be creating for. Obviously, whatever is made has to be pro-James, duh!!!

So we can know about likes etc please fill in the following (although I doubt anyone will be disappointed with James):

Woulld you be a tad annoyed if you were given something of a particulr ship (example - Dawson/Natasha):
Fave Dawson episode(s):
Fave Dawson season lookwise:
Fave Dawson kiss:
Fave Dawson hug:
Fave Dawson scene non-romantic:
Fave James non-DC project:
Anything else that might help:

In so far:


Last years gifts

Deb's Secret Santa Gift for Jen
YouTube - Dawson's Creek - Dawson Leery Season 5 - SexyBack

For Cris from Karen
Dawson/Joey - Bittersweet Goodbye - For Cris @

Cris' Gift for Veronica:

Wallpapers (click for the bigger version):


Matching icons:


Nic's gift from Jen:

Maddie's Secret Santa gift to Karen:

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