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Hey guys!

I actually saw the movie today! My mom had free movie passes, and when she gets those, I always take my brother (he's ten). I asked what he wanted to see, and to my luck, he picked The Pacifier.

I thought it was a very cute movie. Loved seeing Lauren in it! Gotta love her "kick," haha. I cracked up at that part. For some reason, watching her in this movie made me realize just how much I love her. She's awesome.

It was funny, I have my brother brainwashed. At the end, he asked me, "Wasn't the one who played the principal from Gilmore Girls?" and I was surprised he knew that. He said that he noticed because at the end she was wearing a dress that looked like a dress she once wore on Gilmore Girls the one time he was watching it while I was watching. LOL. Crazy.
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