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Okay this is more a ramble in general - not TP related

In all seriousness though, if she wanted to do a lead role in a film she could technically still do an indie film lead role in her 2 months off, since the majority of Indie films wrap up within 28 days, etc. But finding the right project and not just one that won't ever see the light of day is the keep to it all

Once GG is finished though then she can actually take on a lead role that will film for more than 2 months, until then I've got a feeling she'll either do the above or take on supporting role to add some more gold stars to her gradually rising resume.

Also you have to remember One True Thing - one of the first major films she did etc, had one of those dream casts - so technically when you look at that she set herself a very high pedestal there in acting quality - what I'd give to see her in a film with those kinds of actors again (The Moguls I think is one that will be very close to that - even though her part is small).
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