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I definitely agree Stacy, I was tearing up during Britney's crying scene.

It was so freaking cute, as we we were walking out this little 8 year old boy behind us says "That was the best movie ever! I'm telling all my friends" and all his little buddies he was with were like "Yeah! It's my favorite movie!" Aw.

It was PACKED with people of all ages by the way. I think it'll do very well at the box office.

It thought the movie had real heart, weak script, but great heart, cute as hell kids, and some laughs.

My favorite, the baby's crying and she asks Vin if he changed his diaper.
Shane: No. Will you help me?
Principal Claire: No.

As for Lauren, I think my favorite part was her stunt. She had this really angry face, jumps off the wall to kick the guy and then basically shoves him down 3 or 4 times. The love interesty stuff at the end was kind of abrupt, but Lauren made it really sweet. The kisses too, she kind of pecked him twice, you could tell she was enjoying his lips. Also, she was gorgeous in the dress at the end.

I hope someone is able to put up screencaps eventually.

ETA: I now think Vin's hot. LOL I'll shallowly admit it was the shower/walking around in only a towel scene that drew me to the conclusion. My god those arms! If I was Lauren, I'd have tried to hang off of them too!
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