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Originally Posted by gossipcom

I still believe Be Cool will come out on top - it all depends on the Saturday tickets - if both films hold study for the Saturday then the Pacifier will come out on top, since it earned the extra million on the first day - originally the pundits were saying around $22 million for the weekend but now they're thinking it might make $27 million - if it makes $20-22 million I'd be happy
I think the Pacifier has a fighting chance. I didn't even know "Be Cool" was out this weekend until yesterday when I saw a blurb about it. I never saw the trailer on tv and heard no buzz about it. Fortunately for the makers of this film, I don't think people rely on reviews whatsoever when it comes to "family" films. There really aren't enough choices for kid flicks and given the fact that TP has had a ton of press and I've seen the trailer on tv at least 3 dozen times bodes well for all involved.

And as far as the critics' reviews are concerned, any press is good press.
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