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Well you have to look at the other side of the picture:

Be Cool's reviews have been about 200% more positive than TP's reviews.
The cast of Be Cool includes John Travolta and Uma Thurman
It's the sequel to Get Shorty and it's also rated PG-13.
So that's why all the predictions have been that that will win the box office battle.

I still believe Be Cool will come out on top - it all depends on the Saturday tickets - if both films hold study for the Saturday then the Pacifier will come out on top, since it earned the extra million on the first day - originally the pundits were saying around $22 million for the weekend but now they're thinking it might make $27 million - if it makes $20-22 million I'd be happy

Okay some reviews

Negative Review

The movie is greatly helped by Lauren Graham, who offers the same likable quirky charm as a school principal as she does in "Gilmore Girls."

Positive Review

Lauren Graham, playing the world’s sexiest principal and Diesel’s obligatory love interest, lends her usual soothing screen presence.
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