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Credit Fraz at Fanbolt

Originally Posted by Fraz
I was told the lack of Ephram and Amy kissing is because this winter either Emily or Greg has been sick and they were passing it back and forth and never getting rid of whatever they had cold or influenza etc. So the swapping of spit or kissing down to hugging was to help to curb the sickness.

Two things pop into mind

A. Go get antibiotics and throat losengers
B. Spray Lysol alot of Lysol

Because we need some kissing and loving
Fraz is very, very reliable and I am now completely confident that this is the reason why we are getting a lack of intimacy between E/A due to Greg/Emily passing things back to one another. Think about how sick Emily was known to be in Staking Claim.. If you watch Greg in that episode, he looks like he has a sore throat. LOL In fact, if you watch the episodes closely all year long, BOTH Greg/Emily look to be sniffling quite a bit. I bet this is exactly what the deal is. I just hope they can stop spreading things to one another so we can get more stuff between E/A on the screen. Again, Fraz is VERY reliable so I 100% believe this is the truth.
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