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I thought Jen and Brad were great together, and i was really shocked when they broke up! i really do hope they sort things out and get back together!

Originally Posted by SportyChick
I keep wondering why Celeberities anounce their marriages/breakups/relationships.. Wouldnt it be much simpler if they said nothing and people just saw their pictures in Tabloids and kept wondering whats really happening ..
I thought of that when Brad and Jen split .. why did they announce it if they didnt get a divorce yet ? I mean there could be a chance theyll get back together they are still wearing their rings and living together That way they can avoid the media frenzy .
I think that would only make things worse. if they suddenly stopped being together, the media would be following them all the time trying to find out why, and the tabloids would end up making up stupid rumours and never leave them alone. if they just announce thats its over, yeah they will be loads of media attention, but soon enough it will be replaced by something else.
But i dunno why they announced it if they are still living together and wearing their rings!
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