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A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers - a 24 fanfiction

A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina had a brother?
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Day One characters/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter One - 4am-5am

What if.... Nina had a brother?

What if.... He was a CTU agent?

What if.... He witnessed the events of the first of Jack Bauer's many longest days?

All characters apart from Alex Myers and anyone from CTU Chicago are property of Fox and the very talented actors and actresses who've played them brilliantly. As for Alex and the good people at CTU Chicago, he's a figment of my own imagination (And yes, he is named after Xander Berkeley). Obviously, spoilers for Season One occur in this story. Some other characters in this story are also figments of my own imagination.

4.20am, Los Angeles, the day of the California Presidential Primary.

The phone assaulted his ears suddenly, rushing him back from slumber into reality. He groaned and picked up the phone, not expecting to hear his sister's voice. "Alex, it's Nina. I'm sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I need you to come in a few hours early. I can't explain too much right now, but we need all the manpower we can get our hands on."

"OK, I'll be there in 30', Alex replied as he yawned, 'I suppose I'm in for a baptism of fire?"

"Chicago will seem like Paradise compared to LA!", Nina laughed before saying goodbye and hanging up.

Alex went to the bathroom and looked at his half-asleep self in the mirror. Like Nina, he was pale, with blue-green eyes and dark brown hair, although he didn't have her angular features or her small frame - unlike her, he was of average height at just under 5 foot 10. He was in his mid-twenties and had just transferred from his home town of Chicago to work with his sister in Los Angeles. It had been her idea, he muttered to himself, because their parents had died long ago and they didn't really have too many other relatives hanging around. As he brushed his teeth, he wondered what he was getting himself into.

4.30am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina put the phone down and sighed. Jack was following up on a lead on San Fernando Road, and he had just called up to ask her to set up a trace. At least he still trusts me after all that little drama earlier, she thought, recalling the earlier incident with the keycard.

4.45am, Alex Myers' car, en route to CTU

He hummed along to the radio as he drove along the deserted road in his dark blue Toyota Prius, which had recently made the long journey down from Illinois along with Alex and all his worldly possessions. He didn't know these roads very well, and had almost gone the wrong way, heading out of Los Angeles. Thank you, sat nav, he thought, chuckling to himself and wondering how far out of LA he might have gone before he realised his mistake.

4.47am, CTU Los Angeles

Another little victory, thought Nina, as the trace was set. However, the phone itself didn't ring, but a mobile phone planted at the payphone. Dammit, she cursed under her breath, I'll never be able to trace that in time. Her attention was split when her brother walked into CTU.

"Alex! Its good to see you!", she exclaimed as he walked towards her station. Tony Almeida, who was working nearby, looked up and watched them. He had met Alex just a few days earlier, when he and Nina had helped Alex move into his new apartment. He had been struck by how different they were personality-wise - Nina tended to be colder and less personal, whilst Alex was more relaxed and talkative.

Nina's phone rang and she picked it up almost immediately after the first ring. "Myers", she replied, before starting a conversation. She must be talking to Jack, Tony deliberated. She's got that tone in her voice that only exists when she's talking to him.

Alex decided to go and meet some of the other agents. He walked up to a small woman who was typing away almost manically. "Hi, I'm Alex Myers, I just transferred here from Chicago". Jamey Farrell, ever the hard worker, didn't look up at him as she spoke and continued with her speedy typing. "I'm Jamey, nice to meet you. You're Nina's younger brother, right?", at which Alex responded in the affirmative. He said goodbye and walked back over to Nina's now empty desk. Just need to wait for her to come back and explain why I've been dragged in here so early. I bet its about Senator Palmer. As a registered Democrat, Alex was happy at how likely it was that a Democrat would be in the White House come November. He had a lot of respect for David Palmer, and considered him to be the perfect man for the job.




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