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By skycloud86

Summary: 21 years after Day Three, someone wants revenge
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Kim/Chloe/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Three: Confirmations

9.00am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Joe, Jim and Frank had taken turns watching over the captive trio during the night. Frank was the last one to do so, and he greeted Alex when he arrived at the warehouse. Alex was carrying a plastic sheet, which he laid out on the floor.

9.15am, a house in Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Leslie had had a sleepless night, waiting for any sign of Jack or Kim. She had called almost everyone she and Jack knew, but noone had any idea where he was. Sighing to herself as she poured herself some coffee, she gazed aimlessly at the calendar on the wall. After a few minutes, she almost dropped the cup on the floor. The 14th!

9.35am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex was alone with the prisoners. All three were asleep, and were still tied to their chairs, as they had been since yesterday afternoon. Alex studied their faces and saw that neither was in a very deep sleep. Jack appeared to be having the most disturbed sleep - he would mumble to himself and would move around quite a bit. Considering waking them up, he wondered where Jane was.

9.40am, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Leslie rushed into the FBI offices, with a bundle of documents underneath her arm. She looked around helplessly, waiting for someone to come and talk to her. A middle-aged black man with a balding head and a salt-and-pepper stubble approached her, and identified himself as Agent George Berkeley. She passed him the documents, and begun to explain about the events of 21 years ago. George's eyes widened as he heard the name Jack Bauer. Like most federal agents of his age, he had heard a lot about Jack Bauer, and had even met him a few times.

"I'm not sure if it has anything to do with that day, but Jack, his daughter Kim and a friend, Chloe O'Brien, are all missing, and they all worked at CTU on that day". Leslie was now more worried than ever. She had no idea if those events had any connection to Jack's going missing, and hoped that it was at least a lead in the investigation. George invited her into a conference room, where he asked her to wait for a short while.

10.00am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack had now woken up, and Alex was trying to get in touch with Jane. After a few tries, he gave up and chucked his phone back onto the table.

"What's the matter, Alex? Your girlfriend running late?", Jack sneered, which was soon wiped off his face by Alex pushing his gun into it.

"You can say what the hell you want, Jack, I have no interest in keeping you alive much longer", Alex warned him, his voice angry. He calmed himself down, aware that Jack was probably trying to piss him off.

"How about this? The man who was selling the virus was one Michael Amador. He double-crossed both me and your mother, and came to Los Angeles with the virus, where it ended up in the hands of Stephen Saunders, who he intended to sell it to from the start. Have a think about that, Alex", he stated as Alex looked at him, confusion growing on his face.

10.10am, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

George walked into the conference room with two other agents, a short man in his thirties with red hair and a pockmarked face and a woman in her fourties with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes."Ms Aylesworth, these two agents are Agent Howard Surnow and Agent Jamey Pressman. They've been in contact with LAPD and believe that they have a lead in the investigation". As he finished, Jamey placed some photographs onto the table.

"Do you recognise this woman, Ms Aylesworth?", she questioned.

"No, sorry. Who is she?". Leslie wondered why this woman had anything to do with Jack.

"Her name is Jane Saunders". Although Jamey said this with little emotion, Leslie's reaction was full of it. She knew exactly who Jane Saunders was.

"I've heard of her! It was her father who released the virus! Does she have Jack?", Leslie enquired, voice full of worry.

"At this moment in time, we have no evidence to suggest so, but we do have evidence that suggests that she was the person who abducted Kim Bauer from her home".

10.30am, a derelict warehouse, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

As Jane arrived at the warehouse, Alex was deep in thought, contemplating Saunders' part in his mother's death. He put such thoughts to the back of his mind as he greeted Jane. He explained that it had been a relatively uneventful night and morning so far.

10.40am, a house in Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jamey kicked in the door of Jane's house, and entered along with a number of other FBI agents. They searched the apartment, looking for any evidence that linked Jane to the disappearances of Chloe O'Brien and the two Bauers. As she searched a messy table, she came across two photographs. One was of a dark-haired man with brown eyes, who looked like he was in his fourties. The other was a younger woman, with dark brown hair, angular features and blue eyes. Both of the pictures looked fairly old, which told Jamey that these people were probably a few decades older by now. She decided to take the pictures back to the FBI and see if Leslie could identify them.

11.00am, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Her hunch had been correct. Leslie had immediately identified the pair as Stephen Saunders and Nina Myers, and informed her that both had died exactly 21 years ago, and that both had links to Jack Bauer. Nina had been a CTU agent at one time, but had been working for terrorists and had murdered Jack's wife when she was attempting to escape after her cover had been blown. Saunders was a man known to the FBI, and Leslie didn't know anything new about him.

"This has to have something to do with the events of that day, doesn't it?", Leslie enquired. She wondered what Jane's exact motives were. Saunders had been killed by the widow of a CTU agent, not by Jack, so why target him?

"If you ask me, I bet it does. We're still looking through items seized from Jane Saunder's house, so we might uncover something else". As Jamey spoke, Howard came into the room, a wide grin on his face.

"I've just uncovered something which I think will be more than relevant to this investigation". Jamey and Leslie listened intently.

"17th September 2002, Nina Myers is admitted to the prison hospital at Valley State Prison. At 4.00pm that day, she gave birth to a boy, Alexis Myers. Ms Myers was asked who the father was, but she declined to say, and also asked that noone at CTU was to know about the child. The kid was brought up in Boston by his aunt. I have found evidence, such as a driver's licence, that indicates that an Alex Myers, sharing the same birth date, is living in Los Angeles. I believe that Alexis and Alex are one and the same", Howard looked pleased with himself as he revealed this information."He apparently owns an Internet cafe in Santa Monica. I've sent a couple of FBI agents over there to check it out".

"So, this is about revenge?", Jamey asked him. She knew that Nina Myers had been killed by Jack Bauer in very suspicious circumstances.

"If it is, then we've pretty much got to find them before midnight, or else we'll be investigating three murders".

11.15am, a Internet cafe, Santa Monica - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Agents Jason Palmer and Carlos Vasquez walked into the cafe and flashed their badges at the young woman behind the counter. She had long hair dyed black, and expressive blue eyes.

"Hello miss, I'm Jason Palmer. This is Carlos Vasquez. We're from the FBI, and we would like to speak to Mr Alex Myers", Jason asked politely.

"I don't know where Alex is, he's not been here for a few days. He called me last week, saying that he might not be at work for a while. He's the boss, so I didn't object to it", she, Mary according to her nametag, replied."You could try him at home, he lives a few blocks away from here".

11.30am, a derelict warehouse, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

They had spent the last hour in total silence. All three of the hostages were now awake, and all were anxious about their situation. It was Alex who broke the silence.

"Jane? Can i ask you a question about your father?"

"Go ahead", she replied, more than happy to share information about her father. She liked to remember the happier memories she had of her father.

"Did he know about my mother and the auction of the virus down in Mexico?", Alex enquired, staring straight at Jane.

"Probably, and he probably eventually found out about your mother's death at Jack's hands, although I never asked him about the events in Mexico". This was enough for Alex, and he stood up and walked closer to Jane. Jack watched intently, hoping that his words to Alex earlier had been effective.

"So, Michael Amador sets up an auction for the virus, which he doesn't intend to give away to the highest bidder, and gives it to Stephen Saunders. Because of this, my mother was caught by CTU and eventually taken back to Los Angeles, where she was killed by Jack after she attempted to escape". Jane's face grew pale, and she became nervous.

"I heard that Amador died that day as well, so we can't get revenge on him, Alex". It was a weak attempt by Jane to shift the blame, and Alex saw through it. He took his gun, aimed it directly at Jane's forehead and held it there for a few seconds.

"Don't try and hide your father's involvement in my mother's death!", he snarled at her, Jane flinched slightly as he spoke, and tried to calm him down.

"It was Jack who killed your mother, Alex!"

"If that auction hadn't taken place, Jane, my mother wouldn't have been caught and Jack wouldn't have been able to kill her! Amador knew exactly who he was going to sell it to!". Jane's eyes were starting to well with tears. She knew that her father was ultimately to blame for Nina's death.

"It's strange, isn't it, Jane? You were the one who approached me, you were the one who wanted vengeance, and now you'll be the only one who dies!", Alex's voice was deceptively calm as he spoke. Jane's eyes widened and then closed. Alex cocked the gun and shot Jane in the shoulder, which caused her to fall to the ground. He walked slowly over to her side and proceeded to fire three more bullets into her chest. He then lowered the gun, walked over to a chair, and sat down.

12.10pm, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jason and Carlos had returned to the FBI, but had found no evidence that Alex was involved in the disappearances, although they had confirmed that Alex was indeed Nina Myers' son. Jamey and Howard had been busy as well, and had been talking to witnesses who saw a couple of men and a van outside of Jack Bauer's house, one of whom matched the description of Alex Myers.

12.15pm, a derelict warehouse, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex had been sat in silence, deep in thought. His gun was still tightly gripped in his hand, and he had hardly moved since he sat down. He shook himself out of his reverie, and walked up to his three captives. He ripped the duct tape off of Chloe's mouth, before untying her.

"Chloe, I am going to give you some instructions, OK?", he asked her. Chloe nodded slightly, unsure of what exactly Alex wanted.

"I want you to stand where you are, and as soon as I reach the door, you can untie the Bauers. As far as I'm concerned, you can all go free. I assure you that there is noone else here, so you'll be able to escape". Alex started to walk to the entrance of the warehouse, and when he got there, he waved to Chloe.

"And one last thing, Jack. I won't come after you, Kim or Chloe, so long as you don't come after me". He then ran out of the warehouse. As soon as he went out of their sight, Chloe rushed to untie Kim and Jack. After untying them, Jack took Jane's gun and put it in his pocket.

"Jack, what are we going to do?". Chloe was anxious, and couldn't keep her eyes off of Jane.

"We've got to tell the FBI", Jack replied.

12.20pm, FBI Headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

"You're where?", Jamey asked Jack over the phone. Jack was using Jane's phone to contact the FBI, and had told them all about Alex and Jane.

"An abandoned warehouse, near the coast somewhere. I can't tell where we are from here, though". Jack was anxious, and hopeful that the FBI would have enough evidence to find Alex.

12.40pm, a derelict warehouse, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack, Chloe and Kim were now waiting for the FBI to arrive. Jack was looking through the different documents that Alex and Jane had had in their possession, and was amazed to find that many were classified CTU files.

"These were supposed to go to the FBI after CTU was disbanded", Jack told Chloe. Chloe was as surprised as Jack was.

"Maybe they got lost somewhere? I can't imagine where they could have got these from".

Jamey and Howard entered the warehouse along with a couple of CSIs, and their eyes went straight to Jane's corpse. As the CSIs gathered evidence, Jamey walked up to Jack and introduced herself.

"Hello Mr Bauer, I'm Jamey Pressman. i assume this is Jane Saunders?", pointing at Jane.

"Yes. The other suspect, Alex Myers, ran off after killing her. Is it true?". Jamey knew exactly what Jack was enquiring about.

"He is Nina Myers' son, yes. His full name is Alexis Myers". Jack's eyes widened.

"Alexis? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Do you have any idea who the father is?". Jack had an idea who it could be, but wasn't sure whether he could actually believe it.

"No. Ms Myers never told the hospital, or anyone else"

1.00pm, a Internet cafe, Santa Monica - 21st anniversary of Day Three

"You gonna tell me what this is all about, Alex?". Mary was definitely curious. Alex had just rushed into the cafe and was now emptying the safe.

"You're just gonna have to trust me, Mary", he told her as he shoved the money into a plastic bag.

Agents Palmer and Vasquez had been sat in their car, outside of the cafe for the past half an hour, and they were now making their way through the cafe to the back room, and as they were about to enter, Alex walked out. They identified themselves as federal agents, and Alex decided to run. He rushed back into the back room and went out of the fire exit. He sprinted down the alleyway, only to find his escape route blocked by Jamey's car. She jumped out of her car and pointed her gun at Alex, just as Palmer and Vasquez caught up with him. He dropped the bag and his gun, and put his hands behind his head, before getting down onto his knees.

1.05pm, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack, Kim and Chloe had just arrived at the FBI, and Leslie embraced them tightly. She, like them, was relieved that the whole ordeal was over. George ehaded over to them and shook their hands as he introduced himself.

"We've got some good news for you three", he said, smiling."Alex Myers was caught at the Internet cafe he runs. He was taking a large sum of money out of the safe, so i assume he was planning on running. Agents Pressman, Palmer and Vasquez are bringing him here now".

"Can i ask a favour, George?", Jack wanted to find out the truth once and for all. George invited him to ask.

"You should run a DNA test on Alex"

"Why? We know that he's Nina Myers' son already"

"What about his father?"

"Ok, I'll see what we can do, but we can only find his father if that guy's DNA is in our database. We have the CTU DNA bank here as well"

Their attention was then focussed on Alex, who was being escorted into the FBI office by Agent Palmer. He had his hands handcuffed behind his back and as he passed by his former captives, he stared at Jack with angry eyes. George asked Palmer to take him to an holding room, before asking Vasquez to set up a DNA test.

"You got any possible fathers on your mind, Jack?", George enquired.

"I've got a lot of them", was Jack's reply.

1.25pm, FBI headquarters, Los Angeles - 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex had, very relunctantly, given them a DNA sample and George was examining it. He explained that the FBI were able to analyse the DNA and find a match on the database for that person or for very close relatives. It finally came up with two results, a man and a woman.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the woman is Ms Myers. According to the analysis, the two matches are almost certainly Alex's parents", George informed the small group that were watching. He clicked on the female match and, not to anyone's surprise, a picture of Nina with the words "MYERS, NINA" underneath it appeared on the screen. Jack and Kim both avoided looking directly at the screen, and were relieved when George returned to the results page.

"Now for the father", he stated as he clicked on the male result. Both Jack and Kim were shocked when they saw the picture and name of Alex's father.

"It's Alexis Drazen!", Kim told the group."I saw him die, when they brought him to where I was being held that day!". Jack comforted her as he stared into Alexis' eyes, remembering only too well what the Drazens had done to him and his family.
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