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By skycloud86

Summary: 21 years after Day Three, someone wants revenge
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Kim/Chloe/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Two: Captives

9.00am, outside a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex watched as Jane talked to the man who had just parked a green van outside of the warehouse, and whom would help them put their plan into action. He knew that there was no backing out now, and hoped that everything would go to plan. The man, a short and stocky man with balding hair and a serious breath problem, introduced himself, in a thick New York accent, as Joe Angarano. He was the man people would go to if they wanted something illegal done discreetly, and he had plenty of experience. He didn’t care who paid him or why, and he wouldn’t ask for details, which made him the perfect man for the job. As Joe got back into the van and drove off, Jane went through the plan once more with Alex. It was of great importance to the both of them that they knew what they had to do and why.

9.25am, an alleyway in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Joe parked up his van, got out and walked around the back, where he proceeded to take out and light a cigarette. He was waiting for his “employees” - two younger men known as Jim and Frank - who would be helping him with his tasks that day, for a generous payment from Jane. That woman must be a millionaire!

9.35am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex placed the chairs in a row and checked each one to see how suitable they would be for their intended purpose. Satisfied that the furniture would not let them down, he sat down on one of them, and took out the gun he had tucked in his trousers. He examined it and felt both power and fear as he traced his finger along the side of the weapon. Not being a huge fan of guns, he wasn’t very experienced with one, but over the past few days had become accustomed to holding one in his hands. I know how it feels to hold a gun, but I wonder how it feels to use it against another person?

10.00am, outside a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Chloe had been busy buying the weekly groceries and was now taking some bags out of her car. What she didn’t realise, until it was too late, was that Joe was walking up behind her. As he reached her, he grabbed her roughly around the neck, and the gun he was pressing hard against her head told her to comply with him. He motioned to Jim and Frank to bring the van closer, before pushing Chloe into the back of the van. As he himself climbed into the van, he ordered Frank to drive.

10.30am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex and Jane watched as Joe and Frank pushed a struggling Chloe onto one of the chairs, before Jim tied her to it. Alex took a photo and placed it next to Chloe’s face to identify her, smiling as he confirmed that Chloe O’Brien was now in their hands. Chloe herself was angry, yelling at her captors, who could only laugh at her. As Alex placed duct tape around her mouth, he whispered to her,”Don’t worry, you won’t be here for long”. Jane was getting ready to play a part in the plan, which consisted of a visit to an old acquaintance.

10.50am, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

As Kim opened the door, it took her a few minutes to realise that the woman standing before her was someone she had known for just a few hours in circumstances that could only be described as extreme. Jane had concocted a story about wanting to get in touch with her, and couldn’t be happier to be let into the house. She knew that she had to pick the right moment, or the plan would collapse. That moment came soon after, as Kim turned her back to answer the phone. Quickly taking a syringe out of her pocket, she bit off the cap, and plunged the needle into Kim’s neck, gagging her with her hand until she lost conciousness. Calmly, she disposed of the syringe, before taking out her phone and dialling a number. As her call was answered, she simply commented,”Sleeping beauty needs a ride, Joe”.

11.15am, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex was alone in the warehouse with Chloe, who had spent the last ten minutes watching him closely, following him around with her eyes. She didn’t know what was going to happen to her, or why this was even happening, and had tried to think up theories as to her abductor’s motives - she knew that she had no real enemies, and she had left CTU years ago, so this probably wasn’t mortal enemy or terrorist-related. Her eyes widened with shock as she saw the comatose Kim being carried into the warehouse by two of the men who had kidnapped her from outside her house. The man who had been with her greeted them and again identified their captive with a photograph. A huge grin appeared on his face as the woman returned. They began a conversation, and a name screamed out at Chloe as it was mentioned - Jack Bauer.

12.00pm, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex, Joe, Frank and Jim were sat in the van outside of Jack’s house. They were all aware of just who this guy was and what he was capable of, and none of them was more aware than Alex. As he got out of the van and walked up to the house, he grew anxious, even though he had three people as backup if anything went wrong. He cleared his throat and knocked on the door. As Jack opened the door, he fought the anger rising up inside him and took out the fake FBI badge, showing it to Jack.”Mr Bauer, I’m Agent Alex Sutherland, FBI. There’s been an incident at your daughter’s home”. He watched as Jack’s face grew pale, before he gestured to Alex to go inside.

12.05pm, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jane smiled as she hung up. Joe had confirmed to her that Alex had gone inside the Bauer residence and that the third and final target would soon be in their hands. A noise behind her caught her attention, and she turned around. Noticing that Kim was now awake, she walked up to her and in a quiet but firm voice, she spoke,”Kim, it’s good to see you after all these years, but I see you don’t celebrate our anniversary, or else you would know that it is tomorrow?”. She gave Kim a mocking frown before laughing to herself.

12.10pm, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex had described what Jane had done, although he obviously only mentioned the parts that a “witness” had seen. He knew that he had to take the first chance he got, and when it came, he was relieved. Jack had been busy on the phone, just like Kim had, and Alex did just what Jane had done. Quickly, he stepped over Jack, allowing his foot to bump hard into Jack’s ribs, and went to the front door, which was the signal to Joe to come inside. They lifted Jack up and carried him quickly to the van. As they drove off, Alex looked at Jack, and couldn’t help the smile that crept across his face. When Jane had first introduced herself to him, he hadn’t been too interested in the plot, but now that it was in motion, and going smoothly, he was probably the most enthusiastic.

12.40pm, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Kim was distraught as she saw her father being carried into the warehouse. As Joe and Frank tied him to a chair, Alex spoke to her.”Oh, that’s right Kim, not only do we have you and the lovely Ms O’Brien, we also have your father!”. A crazed grin appeared on his face as he said this, savouring Kim’s obvious distress.”Now, when he wakes up, we’ll explain what we’re going to do”, he said as he walked away from the trio. Satisfied with the progress of the plan, he sat down next to Jane and smiled. All they had to do for now was wait until the drugs he had injected into Jack wore off, and they could begin the next phase.

1.00pm, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Leslie grew slightly worried when she discovered the front door open, as Jack never left it open. She was even more anxious when she realised that he wasn’t at home, and decided to call the police. As she did, she noticed a cap on the floor. It was one of those that were used for syringes, and she wondered what exactly the needle that had been covered by the cap was for. She had been told of Jack’s heroin addiction, but saw no reason why he would go anywhere near drugs, at least not now, not when he was finally happy again.

1.15pm, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack’s regaining of conciousness was announced by his muffled murmuring, before he realised where he was and began to look around anxiously. He tried to move his hands, but soon discovered that they were tied behind him and to the chair. As he looked around, he noticed Chloe, and his daughter. Anger rose within him and he struggled against his bonds, only for Alex to point a gun directly at his forehead.”Now, now, Jack, settle down. We wouldn’t want to have to start the festivities too early, would we?”. He waited until Jack had calmed down, before lowering the gun and ripping the duct tape off of Jack’s mouth, which invited a long stream of expletives and threats screamed at Alex. Alex simply chuckled and waited for Jack to finish his tirade,”I assume you’ve met Jane Saunders before, Jack?’, he said, looking at Jane, who was by now standing next to him,’You haven’t met me before, though, Jack. I’ll give you a clue - I’m not called Sutherland, and I am certainly no FBI agent!”.

Jane walked over to the table and picked up a piece of paper, which she handed to Alex. He studied it for a few minutes, looking at each of the captives in turn. Clearing his throat, he began.

“You are all here because, 21 years ago tomorrow, you all committed acts which both me and Jane have been affected by ever since. These acts include kidnap, assault and’, he paused, before walking up to Jack and yelling,’MURDER!”. Jack was stunned by this, and the look of confusion on his face pissed Alex off. Alex grabbed his gun and pointed it at Jack. Jane quickly pushed it down and tried to calm Alex down.”Tell him who you are, Alex. Tell him why you want to kill him!”. Jack looked at Alex, and the words that came out of Alex’s mouth made it all too clear to him.”My name is Alex Myers, Jack. You murdered my mother, the identity of whom I’m sure is no mystery to any of you. Tomorrow, on the anniversary of her, and Stephen Saunders’ deaths, I and Jane will avenge them”. He sat back down and looked at the trio, eyes full of hatred.

1.30pm, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Leslie thanked the police officer before closing the front door. No one in the neighbourhood had seen anything unusual in the last few hours, although one old lady who lived across said that a green van had been parked close to the Bauer residence and had sped off eastwards. She wanted to ring Kim, but she hadn’t picked up the phone after any of her numerous attempts, and so she decided to go and visit Kim in person.

1.45pm, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack had spent the last few minutes staring hard at Alex, who was deep in conversation with Jane. He cursed quietly to himself as he realised that Alex had managed to trick him with a fake badge. Memories of that day so many years ago filled his head, most of them about Nina. Alex approached them again, holding a file."This is an interesting read, Jack", he commented, before reading out aloud from the dossier,"Massive blood loss from puncture wound in neck, a non-fatal bullet wound to the shoulder, and three to the chest. The fourth and final shot penetrated her heart, killing her instantly". He took a photo out of the file and showed it to Jack, who closed his eyes tight. Alex backhanded him across the face and made him look at the picture. It showed Nina's dead body, with the bullet wounds clearly shown."Tell me, Jack. If this was self-defence, why did you shoot her in the shoulder then, minutes later, shoot her an extra three times?". He ripped the duct tape off of Jack's face, expecting an answer, but none was given. Angry, Alex put the folder back onto the table and spoke to all three,"Your deaths shall equal those of the people you murdered that day. One of you will die in the same way as my mother, one will die in the same way as Jane's father. The third and final one will die like a certain Mr Chappelle, seeing as he too lost his life at your hands".

2.00pm, a house in Los Angeles - 1 day before 21st anniversary of Day Three

"Kim?", Leslie called as she entered the house, but no reply was heard. Deciding to ring Kim's cell phone, she was disappointed when she heard the jovial ring tone just feet away from where she stood. She wondered if Kim was at Joel's house. Joel, Kim's ex-boyfriend, was Theresa's father and Kim often took her to see her father. It had been an amicable split, and the pair had remained good friends. She went to the phone and dialled Joel's number.

"Joel? This is Leslie Aylesworth. I was just wondering if you knew where Kim was?"

"Nah, I don't, sorry. If she calls or comes round, want me to call you?"

"That would be great, Joel, thanks".

Calmed down, Leslie hung up and wondered where else Kim would be. Kim was not someone who would just disappear without telling someone where she was going, although considering some of the events in her life, it wouldn't be the first time.
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