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Avenger - a 24 fanfiction

By skycloud86

Summary: 21 years after Day Three, someone wants revenge
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Jack/Kim/Chloe/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter One: Conversations

9.10pm, a bar in Los Angeles - 19 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex was sat at the bar, nursing his beer and lost in his thoughts. Another long Friday at work, and he was glad to have some time off from work. He was his own boss, running an Internet cafe in downtown LA, and so the workload was huge, especially for a 25 year old. His reverie was broken by a woman, middle-aged but still attractive, sitting down next to him. She didn’t look like the normal clientèle of the bar, and so Alex was intrigued when she introduced herself. She, or Jane as she had told him, had an offer to make him, a chance to right a wrong. Alex wasn’t too interested in whatever plan this Jane had cooking in her mind, until she placed two photographs onto the bar, one of some unknown guy, the other slightly more personal to Alex. What the hell is she doing, carrying a picture of my mother?

3.40pm, a park in Los Angeles - 17 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

So here he was, sat in the middle of a park waiting for Jane to arrive. He wasn’t the kind of man who enjoyed waiting around, and was considering leaving, when he saw Jane walking towards him, a brown paper bag in her hand.”Hello, Jane, have you got the money?”, he enquired as she sat down next to him on the bench.”I can be confident of your help then, Alex?”, to which he replied with a less than enthusiastic nod.

5.00pm, a house in Los Angeles - 17 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack’s attention was split between two of the people he loved most in the world, his granddaughter Theresa and his girlfriend, Leslie. The toddler was a spitting image of her mother, Kim, and was just like Kim had been when she was three years old. He loved the little girl, and had promised himself that he would spend as much time as possible with her. He was happy with life, and for him, this was something he had missed out on for a long time, so he savoured every minute.

2.30pm, a derelict warehouse in Los Angeles - 14 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jane was showing Alex around the warehouse where, according to her, the main part of her plan would take place. It was a dank, smelly building that obviously had been abandoned years ago. All of the windows had been smashed, and most things inside the warehouse were either decayed, rusted beyond repair, or dead. Like some people will be soon, if things go to plan.

8.00pm, outside a building in Los Angeles - 10 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

They stood there in silence, watching the building with sad eyes. Now, it was the home of some technology firm, but some years ago, it had been something else entirely different, a place where the wrongs had been committed. As they got into Alex’s car, he stopped for a moment and took one last look at the building, a dangerous look of anger and determination evident in his eyes.

11.15am, a house in Los Angeles - 6 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Jack was going through one of the many cluttered drawers in his house when he stopped. Taking out a picture of his first wife, Teri, he sat down on his bed and sighed sadly. Although she had died many years before, he still missed her as if she had died just yesterday. Tracing a gentle finger across her face, he remembered her. Her warm voice, her friendly personality, her contagious laugh, not noticing Leslie stood in the doorway, a sympathetic look on her face. She sat down beside him, and they did what they often did when he thought of Teri - they talked about her.

1.10pm, a house in Los Angeles - 3 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Kim was deep in conversation with her adopted daughter, Angela, over the phone and was glad to hear that Angela had settled well into life at UCLA. Angela was an intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead of her and was planning to become a lawyer. She had been told enough of events in Kim and Jack’s lives to know that law abiding citizens needed all the help they could get. As she listened to Angela talking about her new roommates, Kim gazed at a picture of Angela’s father, Chase. Although she had broken up with him years before his tragic death in the nuke explosion that destroyed Valencia, she had still harboured feelings for him and had been distraught when told of his demise.

1.00am, outside a house in Los Angeles - 2 days before 21st anniversary of Day Three

Alex was sat in his car, sipping coffee. The occupants of the house had gone to bed hours before, but he wasn’t there to spy on them, but to become familiar with the area around the house. Earlier that day, he had taken photos of the two occupants, which he had uploaded to a laptop and had emailed to Jane. He was aware that the man, named Jack, was the main target, and had made sure to take plenty of photos of him. Smile for the camera, Jack!
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