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Ooh I like this thread idea.

I have to say, that this couple is pretty much the only 'Hollywood Couple' I really took any interest in. Their love just seems so genuine.

And I say 'seems' because something fishy is going on here! I understand the whole "committed and caring friends" thing.. but they are supposed to be 'separated', and yet they are still living together (rep confirmed), running a business together (rep confirmed), going out to intimate dinners together (rep confirmed!) while holding hands, still wearing a wedding ring (pictures prove it). What the heck kind of separation is it, if they are not 'separate'!? I surely do not do any of that with my "committed and caring" friends. I gotta say, Grandma Pitt is really starting to sound like she knows what she's talking about, this really does sound like a trial separation.

I really hope they work things out.

ps- Does anyone else think Brad's Grandma sounds adorable!? And she's a fellow Brad/Jen supporter of course!
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