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With Brad Pitt is so hard to choose cause he is such a great actor. I love a lot of his movies especially Troy cause he did such a great job there but still I have to choose that:
My favorite movie is: Legends of the Fall - Hes character is a hard one to play and the way that he managed to make us see what he was going trough as Tristan was just spectacular and it feels so real.

About my least favorite movie well some of you have said that Seven years in Tibet but actually I haven't seen it cause honestly even though he is in it and he is just a great actor and I know that he probably did a great work as laways I'm not really attracted to see this movie. So I would have to say that:
My least favorite movie is: Fight Club
Haley: Well Who do u want to be Nathan?
Nathan: I want to be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you

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