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Webmasters Board FAQ

Most FAQs:
Where can I get some cool fonts?
Download fonts |
wanted fonts
mouser fonts
abstract fonts
Font Freak
Font File
Larabie Fonts
Visit the Font Find thread over the Fanart board for further info and linkage [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

How do I install a font?
Go to the Windows Fonts folder. Start >> Settings >> control panel >> fonts
File >> Install new font
Browse for the font you want to install, click ok. If you need more help, check the Font Find thread

The font in my Internet Explorer is too big/small! How do I change it?
Go to View --> Text size --> and select a size (medium is recommended).

Know any HTML help sites?
Lissa Explains
Web Monkey
HTML Goodies
HTML Center
World Wide Web Consortium

It won't save as a .gif/.jpg./other How do I fix it?
First off if you're using AOL trying closing that down and try to use Internet Explorer and save the picture. If you were already using Internet Explorer or if it didn't work try going up to Tools on the toolbar >> Internet Options and then try to delete your temporary internet files. It should then be able to save it as the desired file type. You can also try having someone e-mail the picture file to you. You can also try this but be aware it doesn't always work on all computers. Try right clicking on the picture you want to save and then select "E-mail picture as...". Then a little screen will pop up titled "Sending Pictures Via E-mail" and it'll ask you if you want to make the picture smaller or keep the original size. Select the one to keep the original size and then click ok. Then another screen will pop up asking you to select a profile. Just select Outlook even if you don't use Outlook regularly. Then an outlook window for an e-mail will pop up with the whole "To..., From..., Cc..." and all that good stuff. Hopefully you'll see that under the Attachment section there's a tile of the picture file you want to save. You should be able to right click the picture tile and save it as the desired file type. Beware though that it doesn't work on all computers.
Thanks to HamiltonsEyes

How to run Windows in safe mode
Restart you computer. As the computer restarts, press the key F8. A menu appears, use the arrow keys to select the option Safe Mode.
To return to the normal mode, restart the computer.
For more check this link

Where can I find some free servers?
Or search for more

How about paid ones?
Valuable Host
A plus hosting
Dot Easy
Net Firms
Host Rocket
Go Daddy
404 Labs

How do I change the spacing between lines when typing in Word?
All you have to do when you have a paragraph that is spaced is highlight the whole paragraph and go to format >> paragraph and then where it says "line spacing" change it to single (or which ever spacing you like)
Thanks to OrlandoNYC for this

Free Url Redirection?

Where can I find an internet archive?

Web storage?

What are some translation sites?
Babel Fish (AltaVista)

Where do I get some cool ascii text?:

Greymatter tutorials?:
Jennys Page

I'm using Paint, how do I resize the image to make wallpapers or larger images?
Take the bottom right sizing handle (the little black box) and drag it to the size you want. You can see the dimensions in the bottom right corner of the Paint screen.
Thanks to Kreviazuk (Dani) for that..

If you have anymore FAQs to add to the list, just PM/email n e r b l e or kaykayelle
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