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Originally posted by nki
I guess these things could have been developed, if they had another season to show it. They had good storylines, and we got the idea...some of it were just either under/overdeveloped.
That was well said, Nikki, and it's so true. But I guess we just chalk that down to the untimely demise of YA. There was just such a possibility for everything to settle down into a good pace if the show'd been continued...

Lynne - you're right with the underwear thing. Although, having cross-dressed a couple of times myself, I have to say a binder is very uncomfortable. And in the summer too - I definitely can see the logic behind wanting to just be in your underwear all the time if you're alone. That way, you don't need to be hot and itchy when you're by yourself, but you can still get dressed very quickly if you need to.
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