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As much as I want to comment on how YA could have been improved , I just can't -- every time something pops into my mind, I kept going back with the rationalization that it is an 8-episode series ( I can't even consider it a series)... all the loopholes that I saw, I know it could have been improved if they only kept the show going...

But did anyone notice that 5 out of the 8 episodes, Kate M. is always on her underwear. I just found it ironic that when she "out" of her room she wears too much clothes and "in" her room she's always on her brassiere. I know, I know, it must be hard wearing that layers of clothes during summer but do they have to keep showing her gorgeous body...and her collection of underwears are not that good and the colors are boring...

I would heve like that when she flashed Hamilton, she's wearing a pink brassiere -- it would have matched with all her ridiculous pink dresses.
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