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Leighton/Ed #12: Because "It's just chemistry. We have it. We feel it."

Welcome to the Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Appreciation Thread!

#12 Because "It's just chemistry. We have it. We feel it."

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Links: - first and only Blair and Chuck resource
leighton meester fan || - Everything you want to find out about Leighton and more - Your source for Ed
Gossip Girl Online - for everything Gossip Girl
Ed & Leighton lj community

Latest pics & scenes:


1. Because they have the most chemistry on the show.
2. Because both of them sing!
3. Because we'd kill to hear a duet.
4. Because Leighton loves Ed's scarves.
5. Because brunettes have more fun.
6. Because we look forward to their scenes the most.
7. Because they ARE Blair/Chuck.
8. Because they make us anxious for a new episode.
9. Because they play our favorite characters on the show.
10. Because we just can't get enough of them.
11. Because didn't you know? They're hot!
12. Because Leighton tugging on Ed's scarf is so cute.
13. Because we bet they loved filming the limo scene.
14. Because just looking at them makes our day better.
15. Because their awesomeness was unexpected.


made by issa

made by B.Scott


"First of all he's hot and he's well dressed and he's British covering it with a cute little American accent, he's endearing. Yeah he's just so bad he's good." ~ Leighton

"TWO thumbs up...I mean, look at her, come on...come on, I'm serious here..." ~ Ed

"Ed is just incredible. He’s got that kind of bad boy edge to him, but he has a real soft side. I find him to be the most down to earth, cool and sweet guy." ~ Leighton

"Leighton and I have kissed, and I've banged into her teeth. I think that hurt her a little bit. I was clumsy!" ~ Ed

"Well, he's one of my favorite people to act with on the show. He's brilliant and also as a person, he's really great, so I think that's why we have the chemistry." ~ Leighton

"I have this moment in the new season where we talk and it's just two or three lines between us – I wasn't expecting it but I just started crying. And it's so weird, because it's this "love that cannot be" and all this, but I think it's just that Ed's a really amazing actor and I was just very emotional in the scene because of him. " ~ Leighton

"That’s my favorite relationship on the whole show. And he’s really honestly my favorite to work with, he’s awesome. And he’s evil." ~ Leighton

"He’s my favorite actor to work with. We have really good chemistry.” ~ Leighton

"You can't put a finger on what makes two characters connect. It's just chemistry. We have it. We feel it." ~ Ed

"I think he'd be as amazing if he was American, but, yes, he has an added charm, because of his accent. And he's got the best sense of humour. And, like me, he's not from a big city; that's in both our personalities. He's a home-town sort of a guy." ~Leighton

Future Titles:

Because they are the reason why we watch the show!
Because their scenes make us want more
Because they are the definition of chemistry!
Because they're the best actors on Gossip Girl
Because they are so comfortable with each other
Because their chemistry cannot be ignored
Because they obviously enjoy working together
Because they ship CB too!
Because she said "YES!" and he said "Look at her"
Because we give them a big "THUMBS UP!"
Because Blair hearts Chuck (Or his band at least)
Because they can't ever take a bad picture together

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