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The dialogue could have been improved. Some of the lines were somehow boring...and long.
I could have done with less of the camera-skimming-over-the-lake-montages to soft rock - they always looked like filler to me, and must confess to hitting MUTE when Will does his philosophical monologue at start and end of show.
I agree. These scenes were nice but I'd really rather see the characters instead of ducks swimming across the lake...

As for the voice-overs, it's not that his lines weren't quote-worthy, but I was once taught to show, don't tell...It's already enough that I just watched Will contemplate about his life (thus getting less j/h) then I also have to listen to him review his thoughts at the end of the episode. It's great, but don't overdo it.

And I always say, more character. Like Sean. He's Will's bestfriend, Scout's rival...that's it. Then later on, Hamilton became half of jakeandhamilton. What about his issues with his dad and other things. We would love to see jakeandhamilton (wouldn't have mind if it was "Jahammers" instead of "Young Americans") but it would have been good if we learned more about who they were as individuals, aside from being jakeandhamilton. They did that in the first episodes but then got right on with the love story. I guess these things could have been developed, if they had another season to show it. They had good storylines, and we got the idea...some of it were just either under/overdeveloped.

I saw how their priorities changed once they fell in love. I think it's one reason why we didn't see more of their life-separately, well with the exception of Will.

of course, the omnipresent coca-cola ad...
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