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I love what TPTB said about this episode WOW those guys are awesome
Damon: When we show that Kate has handcuffs on her the pilot, the idea was that Kate murdered someone, probably her father. You know because we sort of liked the whole Elektra, you know, sort of attitude there. If you're going to murder somebody it should always be a family member. And also, she should be guilty of it. What we didn't want to do was The Fugitive story where Richard Kimble is just whining the entire time about how he's been set up for this and so we wanted Kate to take ownership for it and then the question becomes for Carlton and I, ok, like when do we pull the trigger on revealing this. How long can we hold this off before the audience kills us. But more importantly, how can we bring the show to an emotional point where the tellling of this of why Kate killed her father is relevant to the story that's happening on the island and basically we started the Tallies story where Sawyer and those guys are on the raft and become separated from our main group, they wash up, they are captured by Ana Lucia and Eko and Libby and Bernard and they're all walking across the jungle and Sawyer gets sick and he's infected so, basically Kate and Sawyer are back together again, he's in the hatch recovering and he has this weird moment where he grabs her and basically starts talking to her as if he's her step father. And then it was the time to say oh basically we're telling the story of why Kate has the hots for Sawyer because you know we're sort of going to delve into this idea that her father was actually a good man and her mother was drawn to a bad man and the fact that she needed to blow this guy up, there is something in Kate that basically you hate most in others what you can't stand about yourself. If a women were really attracted to bad boys all through her life, how can she act out about that. We wanted it to be a rumination on what she saw in Sawyer and obviously that's the episode where she kisses Jack for the first time, so it was basically saying the time to tell what Kate did and why she did it is sort of in the heat of her choosing between these two guys. And for us its not about what's the answer to the mystery going to be, its what's the answer of the mystery going to be and how can we use it at a time that is emotional and important.

Carlton: Just to finish it, and how can that be expressed as a character dynamic. That's really the key and its not just about laying the answer on the audience, its about taking that plot point, which is Kate murdered her father and really having it be as revelatory as possible and about understanding who this women is and what makes her tick.

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