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So far I haven't found myself enjoying the coverage of the games as much as when the games where f. e. in Sydney or Athens. The spark isn't there yet, I'm going to blame that on the ongoing humans right issues, which are always in my thoughts - and I refuse to forget about them during the Olympics.

Furthermore, when I was watching some coverage of the men's and women's cycling competition yesterday, all I could think was 'How do they even breathe with all this smog?'

I mean, it looked like you could cut the air with a knife, even with the rain pouring down during the women's race. China is promoting the games as the 'green games' - can't say I've seen much of that yet. Of course that's a rather small problem compared to all the human rights issues, but if it looks like this when they've closed down a massive amount of plants and limit the traffic, I don't want to know what it looks like on a regular - non-olympic - day in Beijing.
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