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I tried to watch the opening ceremonies in their entirety, I really did. But I got bored. I'm sorry, I thought a lot of it was very impressive (then again, considering they have no workers' rights to speak of over there, you would assume it'd be impressive)... but it went on for so long.

And the NBC anchor team who did the talking while it was happening were NOT helping. "Here, the Chinese are dancing over a depiction of papyrus, representing China's desire to turn over a new leaf and present a new image to the world." Hm, right. And it had NOTHING to do with the fact that China invented paper.

Also, didn't appreciate how, a whole freaking hour into the national delegations, they totally snubbed the Canadian delegation. "And here come the Canadians.. as we go to break."

Bleh. No offense to Matt Lauer and whomever that was who was talking with him.

On related news, the episode of Ghost Whisperer that was airing against it was really good, even if I'd already seen it.
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