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I thought the opening ceromony was good, but i feel like the only person in the world not bowled over by it. All i keep reading is how it was the greatest opener and how London better step up their game (I'm not sure how people know what they'd got planned to step up from mind?), but i really wasn't as wowed as i was by Sydney, or Athens. Especially not considering the money and suffering gone into it.

As unpopular opinion it may be, London, as you were the country to start the parade of Nations, please be the country who finishes it. It's too long. I actually hope London cut their opener down and make a new tradition, it's been getting far too long over the years.
Hey, no one's forcing anyone to watch it. I really enjoy watching all the teams pass by, and it gives all teams an opportunity to be recognized, especially the smaller ones that may not receive any recognition in individual sports. Besides, as more countries get involved, the parade will get longer. I'm hoping to see an Iraq team in the London games myself.
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