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Balcony Buddies-72-Because as it turned out......

Chris and Lor belong together, they are soul mates!!!!! This thread is dedicated to these two amazing people who are each other's hearts and souls. They make the world turn for each other.

In their hearts (and in the heart of every Balcony Buddy,) they will be together forever!: They know each other to their very core, no two other people share such wonderful intimacy.

Here are some pics of the awesome couple.

Chris & Lor Fanlisting
BB Music Videos - BY C&L SHIPPER




CHRISTOPHER: Nice shirt. Take it off.


CHRISTOPHER: She is a great kid Lor. I wish I could say I see more of myself in her other than we have similar left ear lobes, but she all you - chip off the old....perfect block.

CHRISTOPHER: Ok look. I have been making some changes, especially my career and I think I finally have all my ducks lined up in a row.

LORELAI: You're opening a shooting gallery.



LORELAI: I mean no matter how many years go by, no matter how long I don't see him for, whenever I do, it's always....Christopher.

RORY: Ladies and gentlemen, the drama king and queen of Connecticut.

LORELAI: You're not a loser.


LORELAI: You're a liar but not a loser.


LORELAI: You're welcome.

CHRISTOPHER: I have been looking for the one Lor, that elusive soul mate - I really have, I just believe its always been you, its always been you.



LORELAI: It's Trixie from the other night. You never called me.

CHRISTOPHER: Well who's the lucky guy?

LORELAI: Oh, you don't know him. His name's Max.


CHRISTOPHER: Uh, Rory mentioned him. She didn't mention it was serious.

LORELAI: Well, it wasn't. We hooked up, and then it was going good, then we broke up 'cause one of us kinda freaked out.

CHRISTOPHER: You freaked out.

LORELAI: I freaked out. And then we got back together and it suddenly got very serious.

CHRISTOPHER: So is he worthy?

LORELAI: Is anyone?

CHRISTOPHER: Bono, maybe? Brian Ferry?

LORELAI: Get serious.

CHRISTOPHER: A young Tom Waits?

LORELAI: Now you're talking.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, what's his CD collection like?

LORELAI: Don't read into his CD collection.

LORELAI: You know me really well.


LORELAI: And you can picture me married, right?

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah. To the right guy, I can picture you married.


LORELAI: Ugh, hi. Where the hell are you?


LORELAI: Boston?

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, Boston. Baked Beans, cream pie, tea party, strangler.

LORELAI: Oh, that Boston.



CHRISTOPHER: Where are you?

LORELAI: Helsinki.


LORELAI: Yeah, I finally got the girl band together and after a week opening stateside, we headed across the Atlantic and now we're huge with the Nordic set.

LORELAI: What happened to your bike?

CHRISTOPHER: A crazy game of key exchange at the car wash.

LORELAI: This is a car.


LORELAI: It has four wheels and a roof and airbags and seat belts and my God, it smells like a forest.

CHRISTOPHER: It's not your fault. Ballroom dancing is a wonderfully sexist thing. Any woman can do it, all she needs is a strong male lead.

CHRISTOPHER: May I have this dance?

LORELAI: I don't know. Do you have a trust fund? Always make sure.

CHRISTOPHER: No, it's actually pretty interesting. I'm working for this firm that helps those overblown tech companies scale back and stay afloat now that they're facing leaner times.

LORELAI: I'm sorry, uh, what's the interesting part?

CHRISTOPHER: We dress like superheroes when we do it.

CHRISTOPHER: Hi, sorry to interrupt. Could you come with me? My cumberbun and I aren't seeing eye to eye.

LORELAI: Men, totally helpless. Excuse me.

[They walk away from the women]

LORELAI: You saved me. I love you. I wanna have your baby. Oops, too late.

LORELAI: Hey, by the way, Neil Young's got nothing on you.



CHRISTOPHER: You realize I'll be driving the Volvo?

LORELAI: Actually, I'm coming around to the Vovlo.


LORELAI: Yes. I think it's sort of a Catholic schoolgirl thing, you know? It's conservative on the outside, bad on the inside.

CHRISTOPHER: I like that image.


LORELAI: Yeah, I recognized you from your Christmas card.

CHRISTOPHER: Which I'm sure you mocked mercilessly.

CHRISTOPHER: You guys need some more time to clean up?

LORELAI: He knows us too well.

RORY: No, that was just my mom being funny.


LORELAI: Yeah, it comes and goes. You'll learn to notice the signs.

CHRISTOPHER: The waves get really still, the animals start to act funny.

CHRISTOPHER: So what do you think of her?

LORELAI: Oh, I don't know her well enough to judge.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, that's never stopped you from judging people before.

LORELAI: Hey buddy, I'am trying to grow here.

LORELAI: Oh good, so you're not having me killed or anything like that?

CHRISTOPHER: No. In fact, I was just going over my people to kill list and I don't think you were on it.

EMILY: Well, that would've been thoughtful. I mean, we set a place for her at the table and everything.

LORELAI: Well, Chris is here so it won't go to waste.

CHRISTOPHER: Although normally I demand my own customized place setting.


LORELAI: Hey, what are you doing here?

CHRISTOPHER: Uh, I have a really crappy mattress at home.

CHRISTOPHER:I got the key out of the turtle and came in but you guys were already asleep so I just grabbed a chair and. . . and apparently my evil plan worked exactly as I anticipated.

LORELAI: I like the superhero you.

LORELAI: Okay. Do you want some coffee?

CHRISTOPHER: I'll get it.

LORELAI: Do you know how to make coffee?


LORELAI: My coffee?

CHRISTOPHER: One bag of coffee per cup of water, right?

LORELAI: Perfect.

CHRISTOPHER: This town is like one big outpatient mental institution.

LORELAI: Glad you could join us.

CHRISTOPHER: Yeah, me too.

LORELAI: It's so nice you decided to stay for the movie. I mean, it's really fun being able to say, hey, look, I know that person. I talk to him everyday and so far, he has never bitten me.

CHRISTOPHER: That I am definitely coming around more often. You need protection.

LORELAI: Coming around more sounds good.


CHRISTOPHER: Did you get my present?

LORELAI: What present?

CHRISTOPHER: A basket. You should've gotten it by now.

CHRISTOPHER: I put it together myself.

LORELAI: And it's all for me?

CHRISTOPHER: All for you.

LORELAI: Chris. . wow. [starts looking through the basket] Ha! A twenty-five dollar savings bond.

CHRISTOPHER: That's a long-term investment. Don't touch it for thirty years, you're looking at forty-five dollars.

LORELAI: Ooh, a youth hostel card.

CHRISTOPHER: For the young girl who doesn't mind sharing a bathroom with fifty strangers.

LORELAI: "What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job Hunters."

CHRISTOPHER: Helping you answer the two questions: what do you want to do and where do you want to do it?

LORELAI: A DVD of The Graduate, gotta have that. Ooh, The Portable Nietzsche.

CHRISTOPHER: Light, cheery reading.

LORELAI: An application to join the Armed Forces.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, if your dreams don't pan out and Nietzsche's no help, it's a viable option.

LORELAI: And something in a nice little velvet box. Ooh, a necklace, and the pearl almost looks real.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, it better look very real, because

LORELAI: And something in a nice little velvet box. Ooh, a necklace, and the pearl almost looks real.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, it better look very real, because it is.

LORELAI: That's not funny.

CHRISTOPHER: This is not a funny gift.

LORELAI: Christopher, this is extremely not funny. This is totally humorless. It's. . .it's beautiful.

CHRISTOPHER: I think you're awesome, Lor. With everything you do and raising Rory the way you did, you're superwoman.

CHRISTOPHER: Have a great day. I wish I could be there. Take lots of pictures for me.

LORELAI: Ugh, the camera, I forgot the camera.

CHRISTOPHER: Look in the basket.

LORELAI: [pulls out a disposable camera] Oh, you thought of everything.


LORELAI: I can't believe you're here.

CHRISTOPHER: Why? I told you last week I wanted to come down for the big unveiling.

LORELAI: I know, but I didn't think you would drive all the way from Boston again. You were just here.

CHRISTOPHER: You getting sick of me?

LORELAI: Frankly, yes.

CHRISTOPHER: How long before I move the car?

LORELAI: Hm, give it another ten minutes.

CHRISTOPHER: Okay, that's it, I need some air. Grab the bottle.

LORELAI: Bossy. I like it.

CHRISTOPHER: When Jackson came out holding that kilt man, I felt for him.

LORELAI: I know, so did I.

CHRISTOPHER: Please, I saw what your face was doing.

LORELAI: What? What was my face doing?

CHRISTOPHER: It was counting up how many Brigadoon references you could come up with to torture him with at a later date.

LORELAI: How dare you accuse my face of that! My face is calling Gloria Alred when we get home.

CHRISTOPHER: How many references?



LORELAI: Twelve, including a few bars of I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean.

CHRISTOPHER: You know, I've got a room upstairs.

LORELAI: You were that sure you would get lucky?

CHRISTOPHER: I never dreamed I wouldd get this lucky.

LORELAI: Aw, that's good.

CHRISTOPHER: So, should we avoid the subject for awhile or just dive right in?

LORELAI: Call me Greg Louganis.

CHRISTOPHER: Greg. What just happened here amazing.

LORELAI: You'll get no argument from me.

LORELAI: Stop it.


LORELAI: Stop looking at me like that or everyone here will think we did it. [they kiss] There, that'll throw 'em off the track.



CHRISTOPHER: That's my daughter.

LORELAI: I can tell.


LORELAI: I think she conned that one out of his blanket.


Normal Mailer, I'm Pregnant!

CHRIS: I haven't showered since Seattle.

LORELAI: Really, well, I'm hot. [Chris laughs]

CHRIS: No, you're different, I mean, you're special. You're stronger. You're like a superhero with red boots and a golden lasso.

LORELAI: That was one Halloween, Christopher.

CHRIS: I don't want to screw this up, Lor.

LORELAI: You're not going to. I know you can do this, Chris.

CHRIS: You ever get tired of being my cheerleader?

LORELAI: Hey, as long as I look cute in the skirt I'm good to go.

Emily Says Hello

CHRIS: Anyhow, G.G.'s great. I've got new pictures, too. I can e-mail them to you, if you want.

LORELAI: Or bring her around next time you're in the hood.

CHRIS: Stars Hollow's a hood now?

LORELAI: Oh, it's always been a hood. We just try to keep it on the down-low. But seriously, you should come by.

CHRIS: Well, I'm going to be adjacent to the hood on Saturday because I'm taking G.G. to see her grandparents.

CHRIS: I like that it's got rooms. Very novel for an inn.

LORELAI: Mmm, the guests love it when they don't have to sleep communally. They pay extra for it.

CHRIS: Good squeaky stairs, helps sell the old-inn aspect.

LORELAI: Actually, we had those squeaks installed.

CHRIS: Squeakmasters?

LORELAI: Oh, you've used them?

CHRIS: Oh, several times.

CHRIS: I like the jukebox.

LORELAI: I thought you would. And here's where we feed them.

CHRIS: You feed them, too?

LORELAI: And once a day we let them use the bathroom or sit on the furniture.

CHRIS: Classy joint.

CHRIS: How sappy is it going to sound if I say that I'm proud of you?

LORELAI: Oh, my God. So sappy.


He's Slippin' 'Em Bread... Dig?

CHRIS: Lorelai. Over here. I snagged the best table in the house.

LORELAI: You slip the guy a buck?

CHRIS: I had to get my fifty cents change. Hey.

LORELAI: Hey, Chris. [They hug.]

LORELAI: She took a little time off Yale.

CHRIS [pauses]: And the Apocalypse is this week? Next week?

LORELAI: She's back there and she's thriving. She'll be running the world one day.

CHRIS [concerned]: You sure?

LORELAI: She's doing great. Trust me.

CHRIS: I do.

CHRIS: Well, cool. You're getting a Rolls for a wedding present, you know.

LORELAI: Cool, I should register for a driver to go with it.

CHRIS: Well, yeah, they're too big to drive by yourself.

LORELAI: No, God, you've got to have somebody drive you.

You've Been Gilmored


CHRIS: Lor. It's me. Uh, you busy? Can you talk?

LORELAI: How come you have 'I've got the governments secret microchip in my briefcase and they're on to me' voice?

CHRIS: Do I? Sorry.

CHRIS: Now, I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to do this or not. Normally I wouldn't, because it feels like a fink-out thing, but I think this falls under the parent thing so that over-rules the fink-out thing -

LORELAI: Catch a wave, bud. You're drifting.

CHRIS: Good, 'cause I think I like him. he's a cool guy. Great apartment, funny.

LORELAI: He's taken, Chris.

LORELAI: Wow. Our little girl is living with her boyfriend.

CHRIS: Yeah, I had that moment too. It was during the onion brick so I had a little distraction. but I had it.

Bridesmaid Revisted

LORELAI: Nice seats.

CHRIS: I got here early and scouted out the best ones. We were actually more towards the middle, then two people, and I'm pretty sure it was Brigitte Nielsen and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sat right in front of me.

LORELAI: Oh, Brigitte and Kareem showed up, huh? I swear, anyplace with free cheese and crackers, they are there. You look nice.

CHRIS: Thanks. I think this haircut cost more than all the haircuts I've had in my life combined.

LORELAI: Hm. Well, it was worth it. It looks very, very - short.

LORELAI: Yeah. We'll be rooting for you!

RORY: Well, it's not really a 'root for me' kind of thing, but thank you.

LORELAI: Well, we brought foam fingers.

CHRIS: And we're planning on doing the wave if things get dull.

CHRIS: I hate this guy already.

LORELAI: Rory told me about him. That's pompous Princeton guy.

CHRIS: Well, sure, if your parents are going to name you that, what chance do you have? [Lorelai laughs.]

LORELAI: He's unbelievable.

CHRIS: He's wearing a bowtie.

LORELAI: Should I dud him?

CHRIS: So what does perspicacious mean?

LORELAI: I don't know. Persp - to perspire. Am I close?

CHRIS: Close enough for me.

LORELAI: I'm positive! You can turn this around. I know you can. You're a great guy with a great heart. You just need to be a little tougher.

CHRIS: Yeah.

LORELAI: I'll help you. Anyway I can. I promise. We'll fix this.

CHRIS: You're amazing, Lor.

LORELAI: Only in the true sense of the word.

CHRIS: Thanks for being around.

LORELAI: Any time.

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How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series?
How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread?
What is your favorite C/L scene or quote?
What scene turned you into a BB shipper?

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412 Reasons Why We Love Them

1. Because they had a quaint evening of theater
2. Because the Offspring rule, and so do Metallica
3. Because she was sitting across from an amazing Christopher hologram
4. Because it should have been Lorelai
5. Because she offered him "the door thing"
6. Because he never dreamed he'd get this lucky
7. Because Emily always had the picture in her mind of the three of them together
8. Because she's known him since she was six
9. Because she was the girl in the Pinky Tuscadero t-shirt sitting right next to him when he crashed his Porsche two hours after his parents gave it to him for his 16th birthday
10. Because she was having a blast
11. Because "It's...Christopher"
12. Because they're the drama king and queen of Connecticut
13. Because he asked her to marry him...twice!
14. Because they're already a family
15. Because it's always been her
16. Because he knew where the spare key was
17. Because he could be her young Tom Waits
18. Because she always had him in the back of her mind
19. Because Neil Young's got nothing on him
20. Because she's coming around to the Volvo
21. Because he knows her really well
22. Because he's her strong male lead
23. Because he knew she'd need a camera
24. Because she's not on his "people to kill list"
25. Because he knew that she was counting how many Brigadoon references she could come up with
26. Because he opened the car door for her
27. Because he knew who Trixie was
28. Because she was glad he could join them
29. Because she needs protection
30. Because she didn't put all the blankets away
31. Because he saw "the look" - the same one she gave on Homecoming Court
32. Because they have a daughter
33. Because he knew that she freaked out with Max
34. Because he bought her a DVD of The Graduate
35. Because he's always been crazy about her
36. Because her destiny was to be with Christopher
37. Because he's smooth
38. Because he knows all her secrets
39. Because he read into Max's CD collection
40. Because all of her bad girl moments happened with him
41. Because he's worthy of her
42. Because Emily's love story inspired her to contact him
43. Because he thought of everything
44. Because he can picture her married to the right guy.
45. Because they waltzed
46. Because he said it was good to hear from her
47. Because she will hunt him down like a half-priced Kate Spade purse
48. Because he was there when she woke up
49. Because he drove as fast as he could
50. Because the old Christopher still lives
51. Because she was so glad he was there
52. Because he told her to get in
53. Because someday when they're awfully low...
54. Because he wants a 2 for 1 gym membership
55. Because she wants a do over
56. Because they both didn't want their parents' lives
57. Because he made her coffee
58. Because they had an �¢�?�?Amazing�¢�?�? night
59. Because he packed the gift basket himself
60. Because he told her she�¢�?�?s awesome
61. Because he was her hostage
62. Because her parents like him
63. Because deep down she was heartbroken when Chris got his life together with Sherry and not with her
64. Because she could've had that effect on him
65. Because Rory's pictured the three of them living together at various times
66. Because the prospect of them being together is there
67. Because she and Chris were so linked in her mind
68. Because after one more time maybe he'll have an explanation
69. Because they spent a lot of time out on the balcony
70. Because they did good
71. Because she wants to have his baby...oops, too late
72. Because he was always a little jealous of her
73. Because there was a chance for a "repeat" amazing
74. Because he didn't care if everyone thinks they did it
75. Because apparen
76. Because they were eager and willing to repeat their night together
77. Because he was gonna break into Chilton and tamper with some votes
78. Because he made it for the big unveiling
79. Because she still needs him to drive safe
80. Because she was waiting for him
81. Because he put it to together himself and its all for her
82. Because the necklace wasn't a funny gift
83. Because she likes the superhero him
84. Because he thinks she's superwoman
85. Because he told her that everything was going to be okay
86. Because she understands
87. Because he wishes he could stay longer
88. Because he went for the popcorn
89. Because she had a minute for him
90. Because he thought she was in heaven
91. Because she invited him to Sookie's rehearsal dinner
92. Because when it comes to Lorelai, he's there
93. Because they both felt for Jackson
94. Because he saw what her face was doing
95. Because she invited him to see all the fireworks for himself
96. Because she found him and Sherry nauseating
97. Because it's like a real live love story
98. Because her head was spinning
99. Because he had a room upstairs
100. Because his intentions were honorable
101. Because can you imagine if Lorelai and Christopher got together after all these years?
102. Because just like Rory, Lorelai likes it "when he's around."
103. Because Lorelai wanted his motorcycle.
104. Because Chris is the only one who calls her "Lor".
105. Because Lauren likes C/L together.
106. Because Lorelai brought Chris the "grown up milk and cookies"
107. Because she stayed up all night with him.
108. Because he's Lorelai's soul mate. Period.
109. Because She thought he would like the jute box
110. Because He put his jacket around her
111. Because He joked that all her regular 976 numbers were busy
112. Because He's worthy
113. Because They are SO sappy
114. Because He Joined her in the giant out patient mental intuition
115. Because He does like this hotel
116. Because He Knew what her face was doing
117. Because She likes it when he’s bossy
118. Because She told him to buy himself a sofa
119. Because They have the super hero reference thing going
120. Because They pepper their conversation with movie and pop-culture references
121. Because he always gets her refrences
122. Because he understands her past *and* her future.
123. Because he has the better butt!!
124.Because we will always believe!
125. Because she loves his car sound system
126. Because they are bow-tie serious
127. Because she nudged him playfully, when said he was facing the screen
128. Because she was right- He liked the jute box
129. Because they've both used Squeak Masters
130. Because they both wanted to wait to move the car
131. Because she made Martini’s for them
132. Because Everything else in the room seemed to disappear and all she could see was him
133. Because She shared her milk duds with him
134. Because He found seats for them
135. Because She loved his Pompous Princeton Guy bit
136. Because they had someone to share and exchange their funny remarks about the panel with
137. Because they created Rory
138. Because They wanted to do the wave
139. Because They wanted to take Rory out for a soda
140. Because there were no real complaints when Rory turned them down
141. Because They were rain checked together
142. Because Their banter was perfect as always
143. Because They both had no idea what Rory was saying
144. Because they loved having company in their vocabulary deficiencies
145. Because She he enjoyed her joke about the cemetery
146. Because He broke his own record for how many times he said “Lor” in an ep
147. Because He wanted her to dud Pompous Princeton Guy
148. Because they were acting like a happily married couple
149. Because Ice cream soda for 2 has a very romantic flavor
150. Because He kept kissing her on the check
151. Because She was worried enough about him and his daughter to try and give him advice
152. Because His apology was so heartfelt
153. Because He knew she was right
154. Because They are both finding comfort in sharing their feelings of single parenthood
155. Because She never wanted to kill him
156. Because She thought the floor looked festive
157. Because She thinks he doesn’t suck as a Dad
158. Because He was so grateful she is always there
159. Because She thinks he is a great guy with a great heart
160. Because He knows how truly amazing she is
161. Because They will fix this together
162. Because She wants to help him with GiGi
163. Because Her house was a mess, the kid was a brat, but having contact with Chris makes her smile
164. Because He could be there in 20 minutes
165. Because They were wondering about the Bull and China
166. Because They finish each other’s sentences
167. Because Thank you frakking Celine Dion
168. Because He came to her rescue
169. Because He’s Rory’s father and THE man for Lor
170. Because We ship them and we are TPTDI
171. Because He used her No word
172. Because She was proud he turned GiGi around
173. Because He didn’t get the memo cos his desk is a mess
174. Because He ran the Sidekick past her
175. Because She didn’t need him to run the Sidekick past her
176. Because She found a man in just one day
177. Because She grabbed him and ran
178. Because She was having a blast running with him
179. Because He was having fun in his slippery shoes
180. Because She was pleased about his whip cracking
181. Because She wanted one of his Tacos
182. Because It was his pleasure to escort her to the wedding
183. Because She was so happy and grateful for his help
184. Because She was at a wedding with a man she could have fun with
185. Because He joked that he always wanted to meet Jenna Jamison
186. Because She feigned indignance about Jenna Jamison, but was giddy with glee
187. Because They were both at a loss as to why ppl were running
188. Because They shared looks of amused confusion over the Universal sounds of family
189. Because They are running mates
190. Because through the hustle and bustle of 52 Koreans they held tight to each other
191. Because It was a nice day for a tandem sprint
192. Because She laughed and told him to suck it up
193. Because He obeyed her suck it up command with much merriment and cheer
194. Because They enjoyed running in a pair
195. Because They were arm in arm
196. Because She touched his shoulder and smiled at him over Miss Patty saying 58 seats 62 Koreans
197. Because They beat out 62 Koreans for seats
198. Because Wherever they are they find the fun and enjoyable side of a situation
199. Because They both love that they have someone who will reciprocate their quirkiness
200. Because They laugh together
201. Because They are happy together
202. Because They were both beaming when Lane walked up the aisle
203. Because Lorelai squeezed up against Chris and excitedly told her first meeting of Lane story
204. Because He laughed and delighted in her T-Shirt bit
205. Because He gets her quirks and individuality
206. Because He loves her craziness and understands it
207. Because They have the lifelong friendship and have been stupid and screwed up their romance
208. Because He knows they have been idiots with each other
209. Because He was right behind
210. Because They were good and didn’t heckle at the wedding
211. Because They were mystified but enjoyed the Korean wedding ritual
212. Because He appreciated her pimp comment
213. Because He cherished spending his day being her escort
214. Because They joked with Rory over the sidekick
215. Because Their Sidekick joking was a seamless display of team work
216. Because They have the same sense of humor
217. Because They were leaning all over each other in the photo
218. Because Chris delighted in cosying up to the woman he loves
219. Because Lor was surprised by his affectionate touching, but then relished being close to him and reciprocated his touch
220. Because They were smiling bright in the photo
221. Because Rory took at picture of a group of three couples deeply in love
222. Because The picture was a snap shot of how life should be
223. Because Chris and Lor are always touchy and warm with one another
224. Because Physically touching is a natural and enjoyed thing for Chris and Lor
225. Because They treasure being physically close
226. Because Chris, Lorelai, and Roy were delighting in their family time at the wedding
227. Because Chris and his Lorelais is a natural and happy thing
228. Because Love’s not only true in fairytales
229. Because Chris was cynical about marriage cos he’s lost the only woman he could ever love
230. Because Marriage means nothing to Chris if he can’t be with Lor
231. Because Chris was dejected and lamenting over his lost love
232. Because He wishes life could have been different for him and Lor
233. Because He was glad he came to the wedding
234. Because He got her off the stage
235. Because They were both unhappy over love not working
236. Because He took charge
237. Because He coaxed her away from the microphone
238. Because He carried her into the house
239. Because He tenderly caressed her face and arms
240. Because He wanted to take care of her
241. Because Disappointment has hunted all their dreams
242. Because We’re believers, and there’s not a trace of doubt in our minds
243. Because He made a call that sleep was what she needed
244. Because He is her knight in a pink shirt
245. Because He is the Wild Bill Hickok to her Calamity Jane
246. Because Once she had a secret love
247. Because He put her to bed
248. Because He slept in her bedroom on the couch
249. Because He carried her all the way up the stairs
250. Because Her eyes were looking in his direction while on the phone to Luke
251. Because True love never has an ending...
252. Because She was warm and cozy in his Jacket
253. Because He put his jacket on her
254. Because He gave up his Jacket to keep her warm
255. Because Nothing says love being giving the coat off someone’s back
256. Because His Jacket suits her
257. Because Giving her his Jacket at weddings in their thing
258. Because They ALWAYS have each other’s backs
259. Because She did the deflect and distract
260. Because They kept looking at each other on the couch and at dinner
261. Because She was joyous when she realized he wasn’t interested in Lynnie
262. Because They were rubbing arms in a very turned on way in the bathroom
263. Because He thought she was using code
264. Because She wanted to help him out
265. Because She was beaming when he left the bathroom
266. Because She jumped in and saved him at dinner
267. Because She was making him almost choke on his food with amusement
268. Because She wanted to know what the hell kinda spy school he went to
269. Because He followed her to the bathroom
270. Because She commented that luckily he didn’t get ugly over night
271. Because They are now Bathroom Buddies too
272. Because Her face lit up with surprise and delight when he walked in the room at FND
273. Because Lorelai gave Chris the OMG you’re being setup look when Lynnie walked in the room
274. Because Chris only had eyes for one woman at FND
275. Because Chris was worshiping Lorelai when she responded to Emily’s comment about Lynnie’s mother being her College roommate
276. Because Lorelai didn’t like Emily pulling her arm and the rest of her away from Chris
277. Because Lyinnie was on a date with Chris and Lor
278. Because Emily is right: it’s so important to marry someone who can make you laugh
279. Because Being in the bathroom was the best part of their evening
280. Because The Bathroom and the 2 ppl standing in it were optimum Shampoo ad material
281. Because Chris’ date took place in the bathroom
282. Because contrary to all other interaction of that night, the conversation in the bathroom flowed with ease and happiness
283. Because She was teasing him with the “Out Of What??????”
284. Because There was plenty of code for “I feel deep passion and desire” in the bathroom
285. Because When Emily said doesn’t he look like Carry Grant, she said yes
286. Because He brings out her crazy zany best
287. Because She signaled to him with her eyebrows merrily
288. Because She went to him
289. Because Her heart lead her home to her true love
290. Because She may not be able to admit it, or even really know it, but her actions and emotions show he’s the man her heart has chosen
291. Because He was there for her all night
292. Because The man in bed with her was actually touching her
293. Because He put his arm around her
294. Because In the last scene of season 6 Lor was lying next to her true love
296. Because He smiled tenderly and lovingly when he got back into bed
297. Because She needs to wake up to the fact that her life is pointing her in the direction of Chris for one reason only
298. Because Love is about being able to be yourself
299. Because: David and Lauren have a natural chemistry
300.Because: David knows he and Lauren have great chemistry
301. Because Sparks fly on screen between David and Lauren
302. Because: “You just can’t fake that kind of Chemistry”
303. Because: David and Lauren find it easy working together
304. Because: There is love and respect between David and Lauren
305. Because: Sometimes a strong off screen bond makes for a remarkable on screen rapport
306. Because: Really, it's about damn time!!!!!!!
307. Because: He proposed to her in her kitchen in season 1, and 7 years later he stood in the same spot and declared his love that, had remained constant.
308. Because: They shared in corsage humour.
309. Because: In her heart she needed contact with him so she asked him to stay for coffee.
310. Because: He was willing to wait until they were both 80 for her.
311. Because: They made movies bad.
312. Because: In spite of the wall they were putting up, that good night kiss was HOT.
313. Because: She can have it all.
314. Because: They both agree that snakes do not belong on a plane.
315. Because: He arranged a barn movie night for her.
316. Because: She was happily cozying up to him in the car, watching the movie.
317. Because: He knows what movies she likes, and he has like-minded tastes.
318. Because: They both found the movie S’wonderful and S’marvelous.
319. Because: She was scared of their love, because intense love like they have is overwhelming and frightening. It is all enveloping.
320. Because: He was scared too.
321: Because: He was wiling to wait for physical intimacy.
322: Because: He coaxed her away from taking pictures.
323: Because: She was glad he was there when Emily was picked up from jail.
324: Because: It’s so nice to be with someone who understands you........
325: Because: He gets all her quirks, and loves them, and her for it.
326: Because: He knows she is deranged- only he sees the reasons why.
327: Because: They both were enjoying and agreeably conversing about Emily’s jail exploits.
328: Because: He seemlessly finished her sound of music quote.
329: Because: Somewhere in her youth or childhood, she certainly did something good, because she now has him.
330. Because: Their love is so S’wonderful, thatwhen they kissed music started to play, serenading the moment.
331: Because: The lamp light shines for true love.
332: Because: Christopher and Lorelai are the Cosmological Constant!
333. Because: She was proud of her big question asking geek.
334. Because: He was willing to stay in an ice hotel with her.
335. Because: She will stay in hotel made of bricks or stone, being with him is all that matters.
336. Because: They are good with the sharing and caring.
337. Because: He showed her the letter.
338. Because: He likes her hair dirty.
339. Because: He washed her hair with shampoo samples.
340. Because: He rescued her from Emily.
341. Because: This time they get to parent together, that’s the best part.
342. Because: She told him he doesn’t have to be superdad.
343. Because: They like public displays of affection.
344. Because: She blew off Emily to be with him.
345. Because: He tricked her with the tickets
346. Because: Chris should legally have changed his name to “Honey”.
347. Because: GiGi, Chris, and Lor make one sweet happy little family.
348. Because: They went to the city of love.
349. Because: They helped GiGi settle in with Sherry together.
350. Because: She was more of a teal.
351. Because: He offered to let her throw water on him.
352. Because: They had a cozy 9 hour nap together.
353. Because: He was willing to commit theft or Chicanery to get her fed.
354. Because: They wandered the Paris streets late at night.
355. Because: She knows the kinda sweet guy he has always been.
356. Because: When they were hungry, love was keeping them alive.
357. Because: They wanted to live in the hotel, just the 2 of them, for all eternity.
358. Because: He keeps his pizza in his other coat.
359. Because: She was playing with his hands while he was on the phone.
360. Because: His fix was better than a bread box.
361. Because: Shock of shocks- She loves him!
362. Because: He’d still sleep on a park bench with her.
363. Because: She asked him to name the bench.
364. Because: He would do anything for her.
365. Because: There has been something between them for 25 years.
366. Because: 3rd times a charm.
367. Because: They are now husband and wife.
368. Because: Even with insomnia, they still talk in references and metaphor.
369. Because: He is her hero.
370. Because: Even hungry, they can still mock.
371. Because: They made time stand still.
372. Because: Chris and Lor are the Dexter and Tracy of Connecticut.
373. Because: He kept her shirt for 20 years!
374. Because: it was 25 years in the making and it finally happened.
375. Because: she makes sure she looks appropriate for his man dates.
376. Because: she tired of people giving her a hard time and wants them to get on board with her and Chris.
377. Because: he is going to follow Jackson's advice on commitment.
378. Because: Lorelai DID tell Rory that she will always love Chris.
379. Because: they will be Mr and Ms Dunce.
380. Because: they look so natural in the new house.
381. Because: Chris can actually read Lorelai's sad face.
382. Because: their bedroom scene was so hot.
383. Because: Emily thinks Chris is good for Lorelai.
384. Because: he has a sexy wicked step sister voice.
385. Because: he believes openess and honesty is a part of a good relationship.
386. Because: he shared the Sherry letter with her right away.
387. Because he let her get involved with his kid.
388. Because she knows he is not Sherry.
389. Because they don't play tennis but pictionary.
390. Because they spent Christmas together as a family
391. Because Chris fixed the christmas lights
392. Because Lorelai wanted to find him the perfect present
393. Because they both argued who came up with the London joke
394. Because Chris participated in making cookies from scratch
395. Because Lorelai and Rory love having Gigi around
396. Because they both want to find out what the other got them
397. Because Chris came up with new traditions
398. Because Chris says Lorelai is a remarkable women
399. Because they joked around about sharing hair products
400 . Because she let him install the plasma t.v
401. Because he doesn't want to be her second choice
402. Because she bought him a Telescope
403. Because he did come to support Lorelai and didn't leave
404. Because He is the man she wants to want
405. Because At least they part amicably
406. Because her heart will go on
407. Because Emily said that Christopher gave her the best flower arrangement
408. Because they both cried over their end
409. Because she said I love you to him more then any other guy on screen
410. Because he called her because he didn't want their first meeting to be awkward inside
411. Because they will both be insynched at 60
412. Because they stood like proud parents and watched their daughter graduate Yale
Jack and Irina always

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