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Originally posted by Casandra
Well I didn't exactly BLAME Jesse for Alex's death. I just didn't like how they brought him in to replace Alex. I just didn't feel he fit with the rest of the cast well. Don't know why exactly. But I'm not a fan of him on CSO Miami either.
They didn't bring him in to replace Alex. They brought him in to be Isabel's love interest. And in season 2, she'd only begun to really be involved with Alex just before he got killed, she spent much of the season being into Sorensen. Was Isabel supposed to remain forever uninvolved after Alex's death, just because she used to be sorta-involved with him?

And I think Adam Rodriguez fit fine with the rest of the cast. Better than Katherine Hiegl and Emile DeRavin, anyway. Far as I'm concerned, those two failed to give their characters sufficient depth of sympathetic humanity (even Tess was supposed to have some) and the show would have been significantly better with other actresses in the parts. Adam, while not given a lot to do on Roswell, always gives a human feel to his characters, even if it's sometimes on the quiet subtle side. Reminds me of Seth Green's portrayal of Oz. As for CSI Miami, I find Adam the most easy to relate to cast member out of either CSI show. I'm very glad he was brought into Roswell and I wish he'd been given more to do on the show.
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