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New discussion topic: Roswell

One of my favorite shows. People say it was totally messed up by the end. I disagree. Some things could have been managed better, but I like all three seasons.

Favorite characters: Michael and then Liz. Also particularly like Sean and Jesse. I like Alex and Jim a lot and I like (with some mixed feelings) Max, Maria and Kyle. I dislike Isabel and loathe Tess. Michael's dupe, Rath, was dead cool.

Ships: I can find fault with any of the ships, but I like Max/Liz, Michael/Maria and Liz/Sean (I actually think Sean would have been better for Liz than Max, had she given him a real chance and quit obsessing about spaceboy). I abominate Max/Tess.

Episodes: There are plenty good ones, but some that come to mind offhand are Summer of '47, The End of the World, Meet the Dupes (Rath!), The Departure.

Brendan Fehr made Michael both the most alien and the most human of the aliens. Brendan's a bloody brilliant actor. Complete with his own super-distinctive style. Shiri gave Liz deep humanity, making her very easy to identify with, and a quiet solid strength. Those two actors were absolutely crucial to the depth and quality of the show.
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