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Originally Posted by Cryostar (View Post)
Welcome to the thread Kate. Which is your favourite?

Woo hoo to TNT...though I think I'll just bring my DVD's out.
Thanks! It's nice to be around other LoTR fanatics again. And oh geez, I don't know if I can pick a favorite! They all are equally fantastic. If I had to though, I would have to say the order would be: FoTR, RoTK, and then TTT. I've decided that since the first one got me so hooked to the movies, it had to be my first choice. But if we're talking about special features and such, I think that Fellowship has the best cast commentary (I haven't quite gotten to listening to all of the others yet, but what I've heard of TTT and RoTK, they are just as good...apparently Dom and Billy are hilarious, as usual). I particularly love the 'Filming of TTT' bit on disc 4, and the 'Warriors of the Third Age'...that's good stuff.

And sadly, I do not get TNT (my roomies just wanted basic do I live?), so I am forced to pull out my DVDs as well. Which is fine by me because, hey, no commercials, and all the good stuff isn't cut out.

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