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Best Dressed (Donna/Tori)#2: Because "Donna Martin Graduates!" Started A Revolution.

T h e 2nd Donna Martin&Tori Spelling A p p r e c i a t i o n T h r e a d

+ S h i p p e r s List +
1.) cartiergurl01
2.) True Daisy Lover
3.) BrownEyes1980
4.) abbeyroad6282
5.) angelface211
6.) _Jmarit_
7.) xJibertyx
8.) kingjames23
9.) natehaely23
10.) playgroundDiaries
11.) Callina
12.) *Stacy*
17.)Blonde - Angel
25.)Ellie Cameron

+ Pic of the M o m e n t +

+ Q u o t e of Thread +
Donna Martin Graduates.

+ R e a s o n s +
1. Because she was nicest character on the show.
2. Because she was innocent.
3. Because she was the most fashionable one on the show.
4. Because she was voted, “Best Dressed.”
5. Because she was a video girl.
6. Because she had the chance to become a model.
7. Because she never burned any bridges with her exes.
8. Because as stifling and controlling as her mother was she put up with her, and loved her just as much anyways.
9. Because although she could be naive at times she had the biggest heart.
10. Because she forgave all her exes that cheated on her.
11. Because she was funny.
12. Because she was a great blonde and redhead.
13. Because she was a great dancer.
14. Because she was a great friend.
15. Because she was loyal.
16. Because even when she was “bad” she was likable.
17. Because she was the character you wanted to punch the least.

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