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Well, I did 5 tests, Lauren and I'm allowed to have 10 mistakes. And I scored 12, 9, 3, 4 and in the last one I had 26
I didn't understand one single question of that last test XD

The written exam for the driving license... I don't know yet, I can pick a date but I'm not yet good enough to take it.
Hmm, I live like 20 minutes away from the North Sea (well, by car) but whenever I go there it's low tide
With the Latin thing... I should be better because I'm doing an advanced course (my advanced courses are Latin and English) and my abilities aren't good enough for that. But I can't help it I'm much worse at all the other subjects.
And I will graduate in 2009 which is actually pretty soon. I always thought I had more time. And I don't even know what to do after I finish school.

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