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I found his interview on Grey's French Site but google have translated (but not properly)

Exclusive Interview Richard Keith aka Mitch Greenberg

Date: September 1, 2007

Source : Grey's Anatomy Source: Gray's Anatomy

Richard Keith arrived this year in Gray's Anatomy at the season 4 of the series. There will embody the internal Mitch Greenberg. . The actor has agreed to answer questions from with great humor. And we thank him. How do you feel being part of a production such as Gray's Anatomy?

Richard Keith: It's amazing. This is my favorite series since it began." I remember the first trailer that I have seen that we could hear the song "Collide" by Howie Day and I thought, "It's going to be a great series. Or at least a mediocre series with a brilliant music. " It turned out that it was very good of both worlds .... And now, I am in it. It is a little unreal ... . But even with good music. Can you tell us how your acting career began?

Richard Keith: I started my career in New York City. I grew up in North Carolina and I got out of school early (at age 16) I then moved to New York to begin a career as an actor. There was just one little detail to be resolved: I did not play.And yet, it is important if you want to have a career ... Actor. After studying with a variety of players and coaches have made sketches and comedy improvisation, I embarked on the NBC series "Ed". .I did not even have a complete replica. Just a word. "Bingo". What I was not even say too strong. I had to whisper. I imagined the spell rather than say to increase my presence on the screen but I finally decided that not. After that, I auditioned for a lot of rounds that were shot in Los Angeles so I decided to move to the West. After only a few days in LA, I had won a role for which they let me say whole sentences and a normal volume (in the FOX series, "Boston Public"). After that, other jobs have begun to arrive. How your casting took place for the season 4 of Gray's Anatomy?

Richard Keith: I was at home in North Carolina on the occasion of the Feast of July 4 to visit my family and a friend who was running a movie there. The day before, my manager called me so that I come back early to audition for the series I was excited because the series is brilliant, but I myself also because I had to come back earlier and I do not often an opportunity to see my family. I know, it seems crazy. I mean, who would do an audition for Gray's Anatomy? But one of the strange things skilled in the art of acting is that whenever you leave the city, you will be called for you to come back for an earlier hearing. Seriously, it happens every time. Needless to say I was delighted to win the role. Your character is called Mitch Greenberg who appear in the first episodes of the new season. Do you know how many episodes we see you?

Richard Keith: I am not sure. I think the writers and producers want to see how stories work and how the fans respond. So, with luck, the fans (you guys!) Will appreciate my presence in the series as much as my mother (she is totally excited by it all!) .So with a little luck and the support of fans, I will appear in the series more often. What is your best memory on the shooting of Gray's Anatomy so far?

Richard Keith: I would say that this is my first day when Katherine Heigl came to me and told me "Enchantée to meet you, I am Katie. " I tried my best to keep my composure but unfortunately, I am not cool and inside me, I thought 'I know who you are, Katherine Heigl! I am a huge fan. You are so beautiful. If I loved in 'My Father, the Hero'. Fortunately, what I said in fact, it's "Hi, I am Rich" which I think is pretty cool ... Or at least a factual, accurate. More seriously, every day on the plateau are super ... un vrai bonheur de travailler avec des acteurs, scénaristes et réalisateurs aussi talentueux. So happy to work with actors, writers and directors also talented. Last season, you made an appearance in "Veronica Mars", the season before in "NCIS" and this year you are in Gray's. All these series are so different. How do you prepare for every new project in which you appear? You watch episodes of the series before, or is more instinctive?

Richard Keith: I saw some of the series but not all. I think that if you are under 60 years of age, it is illegal to watch a series like "NCIS" and "JAG" (That is said! , NFR), but most other series, I watched or so I took the time to find out after I was hired. I am a huge fan of "Veronica Mars", a huge fan of Gray's and loved it "Boston Public." Familiarity with the tone of this series and their style helped me to get roles. However, a fan of a series can sometimes make things a little more complicated. One must remember not to run everywhere and say "I love your series, please, please, please, take me inside. No but really, it's me that you pay! ! ! I tried it once but it was not more effective than spending a real hearing. You have created and are owned (SR) 2 Productions, Inc. All rights reservedWith actors Scott Fernstrom, Robert Ray Manning Jr. And Mike Silvester. With this company, you have produced "Smoking Herb" and "Queen of Heaven." Do you have the time to produce other projects or do you concentrate only on your acting career?

Richard Keith: I do a lot of things to the side. It is important to keep busy and do its best to create his own opportunities. To do this, I make a weekly skit called "ACME This Week!" (ê la “Saturday Night Live”) au ACME Comedy Theatre ( ACME Comedy Theatre: "First Rate Sketch Comedy....consistently entertaining." - Los Angeles Times ) I write the skit, and I played. I am also in the improv every week in a science fiction show called "Star Force One" in the same theater as well as a few comedies stand. And if I have time, I turn short films and sketches (both for my weekly show and just for fun). I just make a parody of the TV show "Wild Man Vs" "Man vs. Wild West Hollywood "which is available on Funny or Die - funny videos featuring celebrities, comedians, and you. or you can see my other short films on / richkeith . I turn videos also our family Christmas every year, not necessarily very interesting, yet my father assures me that this is a very important job.

Many thanks to Richard Keith for his availability and his sense of humor ...
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