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I love Sammy's hero worship for his big brother. It's just right, always under the surface (because it sure doesn't stop him from giving Dean a hard time about some stuff ), and goes well with Dean's almost-adoration and willingness to do anything for his little brother.

These two really are the most important people in the world for each other.

Good point about how little Dean thinks of himself. He has a completely different view of himself than Sam has of him.

About Sam killing Jake - first Dean sees that, and has such a look of concern on his face, then YED makes his comment about what Dean brought back not being 100% Sammy. Yikes. (And after all, Dean is well aware of the risks involved in bringing someone back from the dead.......... )
Yet Dean doesn't seem to let it throw him, he's still acting towards Sam like he is all Sammy (which, considering how Sam is acting, all worried and loving his brother there at the end, is I think, a correct choice on Dean's part. I have no worries about it not being Sam. I do worry, though, about how far Sam will be willing to go to save Dean this next season.)
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