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i think because of the Gear pics and whole Sexiest Woman alive or something from Maxim she wasn't taken seriously as an actress and in my opinion, she was really just a piece of meat in Next so this film is a serious one like The Illusionist, she hopes this film can show the audience that she can act and should be taken seriously hence the hesistation on stripping. But Natalie Portman who is completely against nude scenes stripped for Closer and then shaved her head for V for Vendetta, that never hurt her career.

hi surfergirl, good to see you back.
Powder Blue is directed and scripted by Timothy Linh Bui, the drama is about four troubled people get together on New Year's Eve. Liotta will play an ex-con who is trying to meet up with his daughter (Biel) after he has just served a 25-year sentence.
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