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I've been thinking about this, and I think that she thinks that this is going to be her big movie, and she doesn't want to compromise it by her unwillingness to do something. Or, I think that she doesn't want to make people mad that they picked her, because of how she usually has to fight for roles and stuff.

But with the internet, she's so right about that. I'm sure if you did a Google Image Search on her righ tnow the Gear pics would most definitely be on the first or second page. And those are from forever ago. Now she's even more famous, and she's famous for her body, so taking off her clothes would be a really, really bad move.

(I take that back! You just search her name in a regular search, the images come up, and Image #1 a Gear picture, followed by a picture where there's a zoom-in on her butt. Out of 20 pictures on the first page of the Google Image Search, 8 are Gear pictures. Then one is that butt thing and another is a faked picture. Think think think!)
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