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Yeah, it was on the news this morning, too. GMA perhaps? I have no idea why anyone cares, really. I mean, I know why I care, but other people?

However, since finding fame on the silver screen, The Illusionist star has had to overhaul her rough and ready image. She says, "(Fame) has changed my style. I literally would wear jeans and sneakers and T-shirts - never wore anything feminine. I don't know why. I've always been an athlete and I grew up in Colorado, in the mountains."

"My mother wasn't a fashionista nor did she teach me anything about clothes. It was all about outdoor activities, nature, sports, so yeah, that's naturally who I am."
ETA2: Ah. Apparently she was debunking rumors that she was getting married now. That makes more sense.

JESSICA BIEL is convinced JENNIFER ANISTON and DREW BARRYMORE could be her new best friends - simply from watching them on screen. The actress is impressed by the pair's appeal among both male and female fans, and hopes girls can relate to her in the same way too. She says, "I couldn't survive without my girlfriends. It's what I love about Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston. I've watched them in films and I think, I love her. I would really want to be her friend. "I'd love it if people could think that about me. I can't quite put my finger on (the quality they have), but I guess it's not taking yourself so seriously."
Obviously she did some new interview or something and it's been all chopped up.
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