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Buh-bye YED, you were just asking for it and finally the Winchester brothers gave you the ultimate wedgie!!
What a great ending to season 2. Carry on my wayward son was just the perfect song to start with, and to end the epi and the season with that Dean's half-loony grin-smirk *glee*

I just finished watching both parts, bc my computer melted last week and I got it running today.. so I've been MIA and totally out of everything and now I'm OD'd myself with SPN and my brain's just sizzling. And SUPERHYPERMEGA for season 3!! I bet they're gonna find a proper baddie for the next season, I mean, YED had to had a plan b or c or whatever. And Sam's gonna have to bust his brain to get Dean out of that deal. Buuuut, I'm getting ahead of everything, I'm just so darn excited!!!
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