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Originally Posted by Music_Is_Love (View Post)
i thought the eposide was great
i was so glad to see there father
when the demon made that deal for 1 year i was in so much shock i cant believe her
i just loved the eposide
i think there is a 3 season because they need to find the other demons you know
it was awesome when he was telling the story to Sam about when they were little
the eposide was incredible!
They have already announced that there will be a third season. *squee*

I just watched the epi last night, and oh good gourd!! I can't even believe how much Dean had me crying...and Sammy Man, just killing that guy in cold blood...that's going to be interesting watching him...he's sooo going to go 'S2 Angel' on us!

I loved Bobby in this episode, he's like their serogate father. So protective and just loves those guys so much. I wonder if he'll be around a lot more next season...I hope so. Him and Ellen could be their new mommy and daddy.
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