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Waiting to be Condemned

WWE fans lined up around the block outside Detroit’s Fox Theatre for hours awaiting the largest movie premiere of the century. Fans have flocked from all over the U.S. and the world, from right here in Detroit to North Carolina, Philadelphia and beyond to be the first to see Stone Cold’s WWE Films debut in The Condemned.

“I can’t wait to see The Condemned,” said Tom Chillemi, who made the trek from New York for WrestleMania weekend. “This is the first WWE film I’ve seen, and I think it will kick ass.”

Fellow New Yorker Avery Feldman added that “The Marine was great, but I think The Condemned will be awesome.”

Jonathan Golich from nearby Dearborn, Mich., said he loved both The Marine and See No Evil, but is most excited for Stone Cold’s film.

“I’m really excited; I think Stone Cold is a great actor. He was awesome in his previous films (such as The Longest Yard), and I think he’ll do even better in this one. I’m expecting a kickass movie!”

Michelle Perlman came from Philadelphia for WrestleMania weekend, and is somewhat of a WWE Films premiere veteran.

“I saw See No Evil the day it came out and The Marine too, and now I’m here for the world premiere of The Condemned…I can’t wait!” she exclaimed. “I'm expecting a kick ass, take no names movie. He’s always been a badass in the ring, and he was great in The Longest Yard, so put them together and it’ll be awesome.”

So how will Stone Cold fare in his first leading role?

“I think Stone Cold is going to give both Kane and John Cena a run for their money at the box office,” said Chuck Grandmason, who won his tickets this morning at the Fan Axxess Tour inside Ford Field. Added Hal Dworkis, “he’s headlined WrestleMania, and now it’s time to take the box office by storm.”

A few folks even said they knew The Condemned would be a summer blockbuster, but perhaps Adam Pearson said it best:

“Stone Cold Steve Austin…when I think of him, I think of one of the greatest Superstars ever. He’s going to open up a can of whoop-ass, and I hope there’s going to be a bunch of people getting their asses whipped.”

Thousands of excited fans will be filing into Fox Theatre momentarily for the premiere. Will they be satisfied? As Stone Cold would say, “OH HELL YEAH!” And that’s the bottom line…


I can't wait to see Austin in this movie. He's already a solid actor and this will be right up his alley. Kickin' ass!!
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