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Post counts


You may have seen the managments team message on post counts which you can find Here and this board isn't getting 15 posts a day.

For January we got 11.77 posts a day on average which we had 365 posts in January. but also the 48 Hour Rule is so used to.

Also I'm going to be starting my own weekly post counts which will Start this Monday.

If you have any ideas how to increase traffic please tell or or start new topics if you wish. I know we don't want this board closing down. So I hope we can get through the post count .


Post counts done by Tes!

3rd-10th March- 121 posts.
10th-17th March- 137 posts. (currently at 21,152)
17th-24th March- 142 posts (currently at 21,294)
24th-30th March- 77 posts (currently at 21,371)
30th March-8th April-106 posts (currently at 21,477)
8th April-14th April- 198 posts (currently at 21,675)
14th April-21st April- 211 posts (Currently at 21,886)
21st April-28th April- 159 posts (currently at 22,045)
28th April-5th May- 143 posts (currently at 22,188)
5th May-12 May- 131 posts (Currently at 22,319)
12th May-19th May- 100 posts (currently at 22,419)
19th-May- 26th May- 162 posts (Currently at 22,581)
26h May- 2nd June- 136 posts (currently at 22,717)
2nd June- 9th June- 124 posts (currently at 22,841)
9th June-16th June- 147 posts (currently at 22,988)
16th June-23rd June- 144 posts (currently at 23,132)
23rd june-30th June- 86 posts (currently at 23,218)
30th June- 7th July- 48 posts (currently at 23,266)

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