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Hey guys!
I am a big LC Shipper and I wanna be a memeber of this club.
I'm from Germany and just 14 so it is a little bit difficult but I'll try.
I hope you'll understand me =)

Why are you a C/L shipper?

Because Chris is the only one for her. They belong together.
They've got the self kind humor. Chris is the one who understands Lorelai.
They complement each other perfect.

How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series?

I wanna them together and happy. But I don't think that's gonna happen'... unfortunately.
LC can't just be freinds...there's no way. They have to be together or nothing

How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread?

I'm BB from the beginning. I never liked Luke. But when I saw Chris the first time I thought: "Wow. That's the only one for Lorelai" The chemistry beetween them was just awesome. And Chris is a very interesting character.

What is your favorite C/L scene or quote?
Oh I really love the Balcony scene in Christopher Returns. And all s2 scenes.

What scene turned you into a BB shipper?

I was BB from the beginning. But when Chris left Lorelai at the end of s2 I knew she can't live without him!

Okay. Thank you and have a nice day
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