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Being a fan of of both seasons 5 and 6, I dont think anything was written wrong, I love season 6, I like the drama because it was different for the show. I liked the storyline even if it was depressing, I liked how everything took a long time time to solve cause it was more realistic and it kept you on your toes and watching. I just liked how it was written. I prefure season 5 of course but I think that the writers did an amazing job on both seasons. Having the same old thing every season would be dumb and boring.

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But even the R/L reconciliaton in season 6 turned out to be contrived. Soapy bedside hospital reconciliation? puh-leese. Whether or not you felt an R/L reconciliation was organic, the way it happened was totally unsatisfying - as was the reset button that ended the Rory rift.
Yea it was a bit soapy but I liked it because it was new to the show, no one on the show had ever made up like that. I did however find the way they found themselves at the hospital stupid but unexpected so I was ok with it.

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wonder why
lol dont mock, I like Logan too (or use too until he went all jerky again ) he's not my first choice for her but I do/did like him. Sure he's alot like Chris and I did hate him for season 5 and half of season 6 because he was like him but there is a difference, he changed for the better unlike Chris (sorry any BB's)

I prefure Marty (more like Luke) which is another reason I looove season 5 so much
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