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I'm going to say that I find this season not that bad as most people here, and compared to last season I find it just as good, and I liked season 6. The thing about S7 is that they are moving things a bit faster again.
Then again I'm easy to please when it comes to TV shows

But even the R/L reconciliaton in season 6 turned out to be contrived. Soapy bedside hospital reconciliation? puh-leese. Whether or not you felt an R/L reconciliation was organic, the way it happened was totally unsatisfying - as was the reset button that ended the Rory rift.
While I'm glad that it happened, it could have been done in a better way.

Eh, I digress. But season 5 is the last solidly good memory I have from what this show used to be.
I don't really have that feeling..

One of the things that I didn't like about S5 was how quickly L/L were back to happy again... I'm glad they got back together again in SGT but we went from kissing in the door to coffee in the diner. And after that there was no word about the break up anymore. I didn't really feel like they talked things through and that was a shame..
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